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There are three basic types of bulletins posted on the following pages.
Technical Service Bulletins (TSB) are published twice a month. They provide parts and/or service updates and/or diagnostic information for specific concerns. I most cases repairs described in a TSB is covered only under the 3 year/36,000 mile bumper to bumper warranty.
Special Service Messages (SSM) are obtained through Ford's informational database (OASIS) by submitting the vehcile ID number (VIN) and a concern code. SSM's may or may not become TSB's. There is no warranty provisions for SSM's, but they can be refered to in warranty submission.

Broadcast Messages are also obtained through OASIS, but not by submitting a specific VIN or symptom. Broadcast Messages are generated daily, and only posted for up to two weeks. These are generally hot topic items or alerts. They may or may not become SSM's or TSB's.

Also on these pages will be Recall Notices, also known as Field Service Actions (FSA) or Customer Notifications. Usually recalls are problems that affect a specific production run of vehicles, either componets that were identified as being faulty at the time of the vehicle build or mistakes made on assembly. Recalls are usually limited by time or miles, with the exception of those pertaining to Safety and, in some cases, Emissions.

As information presents itself I will be adding bulletins to these pages. Some info will either be revised, become obsolete, or will be transfered to my Tech Pages.

7.3 PowerStroke Bulletins
94.5-96 F-250, 97 F-250 HD, 94.5-97 F-350 & F-SuperDuty (F450), 99-03 F-SuperDuty (F-250 to F-550), 95-03 Econoline & E-SuperDuty.
Updated 6-4-08

7.3 Bulletins Page 2
Updated 6-26-05

7.3 PowerStroke Symptoms

6.0 PowerStroke and TorqShift Bulletins
2003.25-07 F-SuperDuty, 04-08 Econoline & E-SuperDuty.
Updated 6-4-08

6.4 PowerStroke Bulletins
2008 F-SuperDuty
Added 10-29-07

F-650/750 & Low Cab Forward Bulletins
Updated 10-15-07

7.3 PowerStroke Parts List

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