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ATD-5213 4"-4 3/8" Oil Filter Wrench
Fits both IDI and PSD oil filters, IDI fuel filters and both PowerStroke fuel filter housing covers.
All steel construction with comfort-grip swivel handle.

$8.95 each

ATD-5207 3 7/16"-3 3/4" Oil Filter Wrench for 6.7
Fits the 6.7 PowerStroke spin-on oil filter
as well as the 6.0 liter oil filter and frame-mounted primary fuel filter lids.
All steel construction with comfort-grip swivel handle.

$8.45 each
7.3 PowerStroke Fuel Filter Cap Tool
Fits over the ribs on the factory fuel filter cap to easily remove and install the cap on early and late model 7.3 PowerStrokes. Can be driven with a ratchet or hex wrench.

$19.00 each
6.0 PowerStroke Oil and Fuel Filter Cap Tool
6.7 Fuel Filter Cap Tool

36mm socket for removing the 6.0 oil filter cap or frame mounted fuel filter cap.
1-1/4" (32mm) Low-profile 6-point socket for 6.7 PowerStroke frame-mounted fuel filter lid. Driven by a 3/8" ratchet.

6.0/6.4 Socket: $12.75 each 6.7 Socket: $12.00 each
Oil Drain Gasket
The copper washer on the oil drain. The drain plug or pan threads can become damaged from over-tightening in an attempt to stop drips. Replace the washer instead; carry a spare when having your vehicle serviced.

Package of 4: $5.50
Fumoto Oil Drain Valve
Screws into the oil pan in place of the oil plug. All brass fitting, steel ball valve with teflon seal, spring-loaded locking control lever. No more worries over stripped oil pan threads or leaking plug gaskets.

F111 fits 7.3, 6.0, 6.4 PowerStroke $28.00

F101 fit 6.9/7.3 IDI $24.00
F107 fits 96-up 6.5 GM diesels $24.00
F106 fit 6.6 Duramax $24.00
F104 fits 93 and older or 02-up Dodge Cummins $24.00
FG7B fits 94-01 Dodge Cummins $28.00
Acustrip CTS-3 Coolant Test Strips
Tests strength of SCA/DCA4 (molybdate/nitrite) in green antifreeze. Add conditioner only when required. Tests for nitrite loss in gold antifreeze, or nitrite contamination in red antifreeze. Shows freeze point of coolant.

Package of 4 strips: $6.50
Acustrip 1550 Red/Orange ELC Test Strips
Tests freeze point and relative alkalinity (RA) of red extended life coolants (ELC) or Ford's Specialty Orange antifreeze. Tests pH level. To check for nitrite contamination, use CTS-3 strips.
1550 strips may also be used to check freeze point and pH in green or gold antifreeze.

Package of 6 strips: $5.00
Moroso Oil Pan Heater
While the block heater heats up the coolant around the cylinders to make starting easier in cold temps, it has very little effect on the engine oil, unless you in the block heater immeadiately after shutting down the engine for the day. This oil pan heater can reduce warm-up and EBP valve on times as well as cure the sluggishness associated with cold, thick oil. The 5X7 inch pad adhears to the side of the oil pan and has a 22" cord. The pad has a 400 watt rating and will raise the oil temperature on a 5-quart sump from 60 to 160 degrees in 30 minutes. I suggest plugging in the Oil Pan Heater at the same time as the block heater--about 2 hrs before driving, depending on the temperature.
The pad needs to be attached to paint-free metal and the edges sealed with a high-temp silicon sealer (not included)

Moroso Oil Pan Heater: $66.00
Turbocharger Bolt Kit
Replace missing or loose center support to turbine housing bolts.
Contains four new turbo bolts and 1.2ml/.04 ounces of ceramic-based Ultra-High Temp Threadlocker compound which will withstand up to 2100°F, and has a breaking torque of 180 ft/lbs.

Turbo Bolt Kit: $25.00
All prices are US dollars and DO NOT include shipping and handling;
California residents add 8.25% sales tax.

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