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Welcome to my web pages. I'm a Ford Senior Master
as well as an ASE Master Automotive technician.
I currently work on Ford/Navistar diesels, including the PowerStroke; perform suspension,
steering and brake service; air conditioning, electrical/electronic systems diagnosis and repair.
With these pages I hope to be able to provide help and service tips
for diesel owners as well as other technicians.

I don't plan on having fancy pictures or animated links as the point of these pages
is to make information available to those visiting here. I will add bulletins
as they become available, and content as my time permits,
so bookmark this page and check back from time-to-time to see what's been added.
Netword enabled browsers can use dieselmann
Most of the information here is from personal experience working on Ford diesels
for twelve years, and the PowerStroke since its introduction in 1994, and from
Ford Motor Company.

As I said, the information here is for all to use.
Downloading or printing for personnal use is permissible.
I would, however, appreciate acknowledgment for my work if
it is posted to a forum or reproduced on any website or in print.
I would also appreciate notification if any unauthorized use is discovered.

"Information and knowledge are the two most important tools to possess.
Aquire and use them."

My Pages:

dieselmann's Bulletin Page contains bulletins, hot repair topics,
and helpful PowerStroke parts info

Service Page for general care, service and maintenance information for any vehicle.

PowerStroke Page has service infomation for the 7.3 engine,
including which engine oils should be used.
See the 6.0 PowerStroke Page for the second generation PowerStroke diesel.

Tech Pages contain diagnostic procedures, symptom diagnosis,
and repair tips for the PowerStroke.

PowerStroke Injection System explained.

PowerStroke Horsepower and Torque graphs.

IDI Page
6.9/7.3 diagnosis and repair tips, useful parts.

An Editorial by dieselmann

dieselmann's Store
Diesel Products and Supplies, Performance upgrades

Glossary Page; Sensor acronyms and PID's

Links to other sites on the 'Net

The Diesel Directory
Shops that service and repair auto and light truck diesels

Questions or comments:

PowerStroke Mail List
Information and discussion on 1999 and up Ford F Series Trucks & Ford Vans with the
Ford/Navistar Power Stroke 7.3L Direct Injection Turbo diesel engine.

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forddiesel Mail List
For the owners of Ford trucks and vans with the popular
Navistar series of diesel engines ranging from 6.9s to powerstrokes!

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Turbo Training.com
Ford PowerStroke and Navistar Chassis Training

AMSOIL--First in Synthetics

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Power Stroke Registry
An organization for PowerStroke owners; quarterly publication

MotorCity News
Online "MotorCity" 'zine

Car problems? Ask Wrenchturner
A GeoCities Forum

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Thank you.

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