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Updated: 6-26-05

2000-2005 E-450 Rear Caliper Kits:
There is now a rear caliper kit available for the 2000-2005 E-450. The calipers may now be overhauled instead of replaced. Kit # 4C3Z-2120-A contains two dust boots, two caliper seals and an instruction sheet. Broadcast Message 4316.

Shimmy after hitting bumps; 99-04 F-350, 450, 550; 4X2 & 4X4:
Ford has issued a TSB to install a steering damper to correct this. It is not a kit; the damper and attaching parts must be ordered individually. F-250 4x4's experiencing this can use the F-350 parts, but are not subject to this TSB. 03-17-4.
Shimmy on 95-04 Econline:
Use the following parts:
F7UZ-3E651-AB, Damper
F2UZ-3E652-A, RH bracket to frame
F2UZ-3E652-B, LH bracket to linkage
(2) F2UZ-3W652-A, U-bolts
(3) W611645-S36, screws
N806085-S8, Nut
N806496-S301, nut/washer
N605704-S2, Bolt
SSM 17211, Broadcast Message 0942.

99-03 F-Series, 2000-01 Excursion Brake pull:
There are several problems that may contribute to this condition.
First the vehicle should be driven to deterimine if the pull/drift occurs at all times, or only when braking. If it pulls at all times, the tires, tire pressure, steering, suspension and alignment should be checked. Also check for a dragging/sticking caliper, steering gear control valve leakage, and an imbalance of loaded or added components.
If the pull occurs only when braking, check for contamination of the brake materials. Check the edge code on the pad lining should be checked to see that all four have the same batch number (the numbers preceding the "/" in the code). If the codes do not match, replace the pads, ensuring the code matches on the new pads, and resurface the rotors. If the codes match, swap the pads and rotors side to side. If the pull follows the brake parts, replace the pads and resurface the rotors. If swaping the pads does not reverse the direction of the pull, check caliper for sticking or binding and the hoses for restrictions. Also check the ball joints for binding.
On 4X4 trucks only: If the pull does not occur during light to moderate braking at speeds of 35-40 MPH, but does occur on moderately hard braking at speeds of 55-65, replace the front leaf springs (see TSB for chart). If the build date is between 3-20-99 and 11-25-01, replace the steering gear (2C3Z-3504-AARM) and pitman arm (YC3Z-3590-CA), set the gear mesh load to 5-6 in/lbs and adjust the alignment to specs with a cross caster of -0.5° (right caster 0.5° higher than left). TSB #03-19-10. Also refer to the following:

Brake Pull Right, Then Left, 2002 FSeries/Excursion:
This may be due to a delayed left front brake calper response to application or release. Normal diagnosis and inspection of the calipers, pads and lines should be performed. If no problems are found, replace the left front caliper. Broadcast Message 2220.

Driveline Vibration, F-250/350 137" or 142" Wheelbase:
This may be due to improperly installed rear axle spring spacer blocks (installed on wrong side). The blocks should be taller at the front than the rear when installed correctly. Broadcast Message 1572

99-2001 Super Duty F-Series Steering Wander:
There has been a TSB released for this condition that supercedes Broadcast Message #0236. Ford Is recommending that the truck be driven and inspected to determine if it has stiff steering and/or poor returnability after turns or a wander. Have the alignment checked and corrected if necessary. If aligning does not correct the condition, check the balljoints by performing a steering knuckle torque to turn test: With the wheels pointed straight ahead on an alignment rack turntables, remove the tie rod from the knuckle. Install a bolt and nut into the tie rod hole and tighten. With a click-type torque wrench set to 100 ft/lbs and installed on the bolt so the handle points straight forward, turn the wheel outward. If the wheel turns without the torque wrench cliking, then the turning torque is acceptable. If the wrench clicks before the wheel turns, replace the balljoints. There is a revised greaseable lower ball joint, P/N 1C3Z-3050-AB, but the upper should be replaced with the current part, F6TZ-3049-AA. When reassembling, torque the lower ball joint nut to 35 ft/lbs; torque the upper ball to 70 ft/lbs; advance the nut to the next slot to line up the cotter pin hole; retorque the lower ball joint nut to 140-160 ft/lbs. The the lower ball joint should be greased at each oil change or at 5000 mile intervals. TSB #01-3-2

99-2000 F-Series Power Steering Noise (part number correction):
Some of these trucks with the PowerStroke engine may exhibit power steering noise. If this noise is objectionable, there is a revised P/S line for between the P/S pump and Hydrobooster--YC3Z-3A717-AA.
Broadcast Message #8724

99/2001 Front Spring Squeak Update:
Ford has revised the front spring insulators yet again. The procedures listed in TSB #99-16-3 can still be followed, only using part number 1C3Z-5B302-AA insulator kit instead of those listed in the TSB or Broadcast Message 9185. All parts in this kit must be installed. The flat pieces install as before, and the curved pieces set between the flat insulator and the upper spring leaf eye. All grease and dirt must be removed. SSM 14615.

99/2000 F-SuperDuty clutch update:
A revised clutch disc has been released for use in the 2001 275 HP F-series truck with the 6-speed manual transmision. Engineering is recommending that this disc be used on all 1999-2001 7.3/6-speed vehicles. The strengthened damper in this disc may make the low-RPM gear rattle/groan more pronounced or noticeable. P/N 1C3Z-7550-DA. Broadcast Message 0553

Another service message regarding clutch concerns: There has been problems with use of aftermarket sealed ball bearings being used for a pilot bearing on the 99/00 PowerStroke engine, mainly early failure of these bearings and possible transmission input shaft damage. Ford has released an improved bearing for these trucks, P/N YC3Z-7600-BA. Other clutch-related bulletins include various issues related to the release (throw-out) bearing. A revised bearing is now available, P/N F81Z-7548-AC, which has two metal sleeves on each side to prevent wear against the release fork.
This is the part number for the previously-released clutch disc to correct hub cracking, in case the part above is unavailable, or produces unacceptable noise: YC3Z-7550-DA.

2001 Excursion, F-series Extended 1-2/3-4 Upshifts:
Some vehicles built prior to 9-24-00 with the 4R100 and 7.3 PowerStroke engine may exhibit slightly extended 1-2 or 3-4 upshifts during cold startup conditions. This may be caused by the computer calibration. If the condition is verified, and normal diagnosis does not result in a repair, the computer will need to be reprogrammed. Affected vehicles have tear tag numbers PMT2, BKA2, KRK2, NMC2, EBM2.
TSB 01-2-4

ATF Overheating during severe duty, F-series/Excursion built before 2-6-00:
This only applies to vehicles with the 7.3 or 6.8 engine built before to 2-6-00. Ford is recommending that the radiator be updated on vehicles with transmission damage when the root cause is overheating. The revised radiator has an integral ATF cooler to increase the cooling of the ATF. It is also necessary to install an external ATF filter on the cooler return line. This is not a recall of any kind, only an informational TSB, and there is no indication of warrenty coverage. TSB # 00-24-4.

2000/01 PowerStroke Water Pump Shaft Seal Leak:
Ford is directing dealers to save at least one quart of coolant (in a clean container) drained from trucks equiped with the PowerStroke engine when replacing water pumps for a shaft seal leak. There is a contact number that will give an address to which to send the sample. Broadcast Message 9581

99/2000 F-Series and Excursion Rear Brake Squeal/Squeak:
There is a new rear pad available for these trucks to eliminate rear brake noise: P/N YC3Z-2200-AA. If any rear brake noise exsists after installing the new pads, Ford requests that an Electronic Dealership Service Report be submitted. Broadcast Message 9616

99/2000 F-Series Poor A/C Performance:
There are two issues related to this concern. For Super Duty F-Series and F-650/750, check to insure the orifice tube is not installed backwards--TSB #00-17-2. For a rapid cycling concern at highway speeds on Super Duty F-Series, this may be due to low suction pressures and additional refrigerant is required. Recover the refrigerant from the system, evacuate and recharge the system with 56 ounces of R-134a--Broadcast Message 9383.

2000 Excursion Noise from Rear:
Some Excursions may exhibit a rattle/knock/thump from the LH rear when driving over bumps. The noise may be caused by the jounce bumper on the helper springs contacting the frame. Engineering is investigating. Broadcast Message 9215.

2000 F-250/350 Sway Bar Noise:
Trucks equipped with the camper package built at the Cuautitalan, Mexico truck plant between 12-15-99 to 4-19-00 may have had incorrect front sway bar bushings installed. This will result in a noise when executing U-turns or driving over bumps. If the sway bar is 30 mm (1 3/16") in diameter, the correct part number is F81Z-5484-GA. Part number F81Z-5484-HA is for 34 mm (1 11/32") diameter sway bars. Broacast Message #8793.

99/99.5 F-Series Sway Bar Breaks off Right Side of Front Axle:
The bracket welded to the right side of the front axle may break off due to stress. The fix is to cut the old bracket off and install one which is positioned higher on the axle. This also requires a revised left side spring cap and sway bar. Replace all hardware and both insulators.
TSB #00-1-6.
Unrelated to the sway bar bracket breaking is problems with the frame braket breaking at the top of the sway bar link. There is a cast bracket available to correct this, P/N F81Z-5C495-BH. OR, to correct this and the problem of the link bushings shifting off center and contacting the bracket or sway bar, model/year 2000 links (P/N 1C3Z-5K483-BB and -BA) and brackets (YC3Z-5C495-AA) with attaching hardware may be installed. SSM 15157

E40D/4R100 Auto transmission tip, Fluid in-line filter kit:
Due to repeted failures of these transmissions, Ford now requires that an external transmission fluid filter be installed on the cooler return line any time either of these transmission are repaired or replaced. Concerns stem from the possibility of debris from a failed transmission not being completely flushed from the cooler. This debris may become dislodged and enter the lubrication circuit, which is fed by the cooler return, and result in the remanufactured or repaired transmission failing. Ford Quality Renewal transmission warrenty may be declined if this is not done, and a filter kit is provided with FQR transmissions. For transmissions being repaired, this kit--XC3Z-7B155-AA--must be ordered seperately. The cooler must be flushed and back flushed and a flow check performed prior to installation. This filter should be replaced every 30,000 miles with P/N XC3Z-7B155-BA. From my experience with the amount of metal debris found on the magnet while servicing E4OD transmissions, installing an external filter may act as a safeguard against premature transmission failure. Visit dieselmann's Store for an alternative to the Ford kit.

New ABS Lamp Strategy:
Trucks with a GVW over 10000 lbs and built starting 9-1-99 have a special ABS lamp strategy which is intended to aid owners of fleet or multiple-driver vehicles. If the ABS registers an intermittent fault, there will be a code set in the memory. If the next time the vehicle is started and the fault is no longer present, but a code was set previously, the ABS lamp will stay on until the vehicle reaches 8 MPH. This does not affect diagnostics for the ABS system. SSM #13163

99/2000 F-series/Excursion, Gauges inop, flashing OD light, Fuse #19 Blown:
This may due to the purple/orange-stripe overdrive wire chaffing at the base of the shifter, under the steering column cover. SSM #14044

Owner Notification Program (Recall) 00B32 1990-99 E-350 Ambulance Driveshaft Replacement:
Certain E-350 Ambulance Package vans with 7.3 diesels may exhibit a driveline vibration which could result in premature wear of the transmission extension housing bushing and, ultimately, driveline or extension housing failure. This recall is in effect until May 30, 2001 regardless of mileage. If you have had driveshaft or extension housing failure on an affected vehicle, and had to pay for the repair, bring the paid receipt to your dealer to request a full refund.
Request a copy of the Owner Notification letter.

Overhead Trip Computer Average Fuel Economy and Distance To Empty accuracy The accuracy of the AFE and DTE on the displayed by the OTC on 99-2K F-series and Excursions can be affected by the following:

See pages18-19 of the 99 or pages 20-21 of the 2000 F-series owner's manual, pages 57-58 of the 2000 Excursion owner's manual for more information. Broadcast Message #8375.

Manual Transmission Leaks, 2000 F-series:
Some 2000 F-series with M5OD OR M6OD may exhibit an input or output shaft seal leak. Prior to repair, the dealer should contact ZF industries directly for assistance to pinpoint the source of the leak. In some cases a no-cost transmission exchange may be made available by ZF if certain conditions are met and no repair has been attempted. Broadcast Message #8825.

Ratcheting noise from front axle; Hub locks not disengaging--99/03 F-series/Excursion 4X4
This will usually occur after hitting a bump while driving in 4X2 mode. This may be due to a worn or damaged axle shaft support needle bearing allowing the axle to wobble or vibrate in the within the hub. The entire hub assembly should be removed and the bearing and seals inspected for damage. If the truck is equipped with manual shift transfer case, ensure the vacuum fitting is capped to prevent contamination. The axle needle bearing P/N is C6TZ-3123-A. SSM #13697/8.
If the axle shaft is damaged, the outboard end of the shaft is available separately (P/N 4C3Z-3B387-AA). SSM #17066

Power Steering Cooler Damage: 99/2000 F-SuperDuty
Some trucks built prior to 1-5-00 may exhibit a P/S cooler leak due to impact damage. There is a revised cooler which will relocate the mounting to above the bumper line. it is advised to add an additional hose clamp to the lower cooler inlet--position the spring clamp over the barb area of the cooler nipple and install a worm gear clamp between the spring clamp and the cooler. Broadcast Message #8265.
Revised P/S Cooler: YC3Z-3D746-BB

96-2000 E-450 DANA 80 Axle Whine
There are revised dampened rear driveshafts for these E-vans exhibiting a whine at speeds above 35 MPH. Part number depends on year and wheel base length. Streached vehilces should order parts based upon the original wheel base. If the whine is still present after driveshaft replacement, the axle assembly will require replacement. DANA must be contacted to receive a known good axle. Broadcast Message #8048

99/2000 F-SuperDuty Crew Cab popping Noise
Some trucks built prior to 2-25-00 may exhibit a popping noise from the rear cab area when driving over uneven surfaces. This may be caused by the rear lower cab mounts distorting. This condition can be eliminated by replacing the mounts and their bolts. Broadcast Messsge #8266.
Cab Mount: YC3Z-1000155-GA
Right Bolt: W705262-S301
Left Bolt: W705718-S301

99-03 Trucks grabbing brakes, pedal kickback, hissing when brakes are applied, increased steering effort:
This may be caused by power steering fluid contamination in the hydroboost system. There is a procedure for installing a temporary filter between the power steering pump and cooler to clean the system. After the cleaning procedure is complete and no brake grabbing or excessive steering effort is felt, remove and discard the filter. If brake grabbing continues, replace the hydroboost unit. If increased steering efforts continue, replace the power steering pump. Filter P/N XC3Z-7B155-BA; TSB# 99-25-8

99 F-SuperDuty M6OD hard shifting or broken/bent shift lever:
Hard shifting may be evident when cold or the shift lever may be bent or broken when attempting to move the lever to the reverse/low gates. This may be due to fluid being trapped in the shifter detent causing a hydrostatic lock. There is a revised detent bushing (F81Z-7Z415-AB); also replace the detent (E7TZ-7E218-A) and seal the threads on the detent bushing with gasket maker (F8AZ-19B508-AB). If the shifter is bent or broken, replace the shift lever (F81Z-7210-AA) or stub lever (F81Z-7210-AE) as necessary. TSB #99-18-10

99/00 HP oil reservoir revision:
Starting with engine serial number 1039780, all PowerStroke HP oil reservoirs have a screen to help prevent debris from entering the HP oil pump or IPR valve. Do not insert sharp objects into the reservoir to check oil level; damage to the screen may occur.

99 F-SuperDuty no 3-4 upshift or 3-4/4-3 shift hunt with cruise engaged:
Engineering has determined this is a calibration concern. If your vehicle exhibits this symptom, see your dealer service department for a computer calibration update. TSB# 99-16-9

F-SuperDuty trucks built before 12-1-98, snow plow package spring sag:
Ford is recommending upgrading the front leaf springs to F450/550 6000 lb axle capacity springs (P/N F81Z-5310-AG). This is to correct sagging with the plow and frame installed. New U-bolts and eye bolts and nuts should be installed as well: N801485-S428, 4ea; N805480-S426, 8 ea; W500593-S426, W704660-S426, N800237-S426, N807659-S426, 2ea.

94-99 PowerStroke with auto trans flexplate (flywheel) cracking:
This may occur on some vehicles. When replacing, inspect the flywheel reinforcement plate (F4TZ-6A366-A) and the crankcase spacer (F81Z-6A366-AA) for damage or galling and replace as necessary. Also replace the engine spacer (F4TZ-6A369-A).

99 F-series 4X4 manual transfer case neutralization:
The shift forks inside the transfer case can wear causing it to go into neutral. It is recommended that the transfer case be replaced rather than repaired. 6 speed trucks use P/N F81Z-7A195-KC; 5 speed or auto uses F81Z-7A195-HC.

99 F-series accelerated rear brake wear in off-road conditions:
This is due to dirt accumulating on the rear calipers causing them to stick and not return properly. There is a new brake shield--XC3Z-2B636-AA--which is installed over the factory shield and attached with rivets--W525106-S427. The original shield will have to be modified to allow installation. Replace the rear pads, too--F81Z-2200-AA.

99 F-series 4R100 2-3/3-4/4-3 shift concerns:
Harsh 2-3/3-4 upshift under heavy throttle. This affects transmissions built prior to 12-7-98. This is currently under investigation and no attempt at repairs are recommended as it does not affect durability of the trans.

99/99.5 F-series 4X4 built before 2-14-99 excessive rear height or 5th wheel/goose-neck trailer clearence concern;
99/99.5 F-series 4X4 built before 2-14-99 which have been lowered as per 98-17-2 and are now too low when loaded:

Ford has yet again revised this bulletin and will issue it in August as TSB 99-15-5. All 4X4 F-250's and "dually" F-350's built after 2-14-99 have been lowered at the factory and will not be covered by warrenty by this bulletin. 4X4 F-350 single rear wheel trucks have not been lowered because Ford believes owners of these vehicles prefer them at present height. Therefore, owners of any trucks built after 2-14-99 wishing to have their trucks rear suspension height altered will be required to pay for this service.
Last revision: TSB 99-9-5
Ford has revised this bulletin to remove the 4" spring spacer and replace it with a 2" spring spacer. Vehicles which have been lowered by removing the original spacer should have the 2" spacer installed. Both procedures require changing the U-bolts and shocks. Previously modified trucks require longer brake hoses and stabilizer links. Drive shaft angles need to be checked and the center bearing bracket replaced or shimmed as required, and the headlights re-aimed. Parts vary depending on wheel base; refer to TSB 99-9-5.
This should obviate the need for air shocks or other load-leveling devices. I still recommend installing a steering damper on trucks not equipped--see shimmy bulletin above.
Original bulletin: TSB 98-17-2
If the truck has stock suspension, remove the rear axle/spring spacer block and install 4X2 shocks, sway bar links and suspension hardware (parts applications vary). The rear brake hoses should also be replaced. This may cause the vehicle to lean towards the rear when fully loaded; vehicles used for 5th wheel towing should be equipped with a heavy-service front and rear suspension package. Don't forget to have the headlights re-aimed. Reference TSB 98-17-2 for parts.
I would recommend installing a steering damper on the front and air shocks in the rear, or using the applicable shocks and installing load-leveling "air springs" or add-a-leaf kit to correct for load.

4R100 auto trans shift flair; 99 F-SuperDuty:
An intermittent rise in engine RPM's at 2-3 or 3-4 shifts on certain calibrations may be caused by reduced fluid control pressure in the solenoid body. There is a new solenoid body--F81Z-7G391-CB--and a revised computer strategy to correct this. TSB#99-8-1

99 F-series rear brake caliper damage:
Trucks built through 10-22-98. There is an Owner Notification recall for 4X4 trucks--98B32--and a TSB#99-4-2 for 4X2 trucks concerning the possibility of rocks striking the rear caliper hydraulic fitting and causing a loss of fluid or braking. The fix is repositioning the brake line and installing a shield. On most vehicles this is only on the LH side, but some require both sides to be modified. 4X2 owners should have this performed before their 12/12000 bumper-to-bumper coverage expires.

PowerStroke owners: There was a recall in effect (97-B-16) which ended 2-28-99 concerning the air cleaner on 94-97 F-series trucks . If you haven't had this done, you've missed your chance to have Ford pay for it. There are new steel spring-loaded nuts to replace the wimpy plastic ones, and 94-96 trucks get a 97 level air cleaner cover. This improves the sealing of the air cleaner and prevents dust from getting sucked into the engine.
I would recommend purchasing and installing the update parts.
Air cleaner cover F6TZ-9661-AB; Nuts (2) F7TZ-9B680-AA
List prices are about $50.00 for the cover, $20.00 ea. for the nuts.

Serpentine belt shreading, tensioner misaligned--95-97
Replace the tensioner and idler pullies with a dual-arm tensioner (98.5-style). Requires removing the alternator bracket, cutting the idler pulley mount flush with the bracket face and trimming the gusset to 1/2" below the face to allow for clearence. Install a new belt routing decal over the original.

Tensioner: F8UZ-6B209-CA
Belt, F-Series: F8TZ-8620-FB; E-van: F8UZ-8620-BA
Belt routing decal: F8UZ-8B656-AB

99 F-series with low clutch pedal:
There is an updated clutch master, slave and tube assembly available which is preassembled and pre-bled. This also requires use of a new clutch master push rod.
Ensure that the slot on the clutch start interlock switch is aligned with the tab on the master cylinder; misalignment can cause a loss of full master cylinder piston movement.
Clutch hydraulic system F81Z-7C522-AJ
Clutch master pushrod F81Z-2143-BA

98/99E-vans built after 1-5-98 and 99 F-series with 4R100 (E4OD) auto trans--rattle/scraping noise from bellhousing is caused by the torque converter. Verify the noise is caused by the converter by using an electronic transmission tester on break out box. Activate the Torque Converter Clutch solenoid by depressing and holding the TCC button on the trans tester or by grounding pin 54 of the B.O.B. If the noise disapprears with the TCC locked, replace the torque converter with new service part XL3Z-7902-DARM.

98/99 E-vans and 99 F-series built before 6-11-98 with 4R100 (E4OD) auto trans--ticking noise after intial start-up (fluid near ambient temperature) in park or neutral may be caused by the overdrive clutch steel seperator plates impacting on the case. Disassemble the transmission and inspect the coast clutch to determine the parts required:
If the coast clutch cylinder is stamped-steel, use friction plates P/N F81Z-7B164-BA; If it is cast iron use P/N F81Z-7B164-CA; E-vans with 7.3 or 6.8 engines require a new accumulator assy, P/N F8UZ-7G422-DA; all vehicles equiped with 5.4 gas engines use accumulators F8UZ-7G422-AA for LD and -BA for HD applications; 7.3 F-series require no accumulator. TBS 98-20-9.

99 F-series driveline vibrations/excessive u-joint angles: Note: See rear height concern above.
From take-offs under moderate to hard accel 4X2 and 4X4 with two-piece driveshafts:
Inspect the center bearing bracket for correct part or damage and replace as required. If the vehicle is used unloaded over 50% of the time, shim the center bearing braket down 3/4" using three E0TZ-4A209-A shims or flat stock and secure with adequate-length bolts with Loctite. If it is used more than 50% of the time loaded, evaluate the sudder with the vehicle loaded--shimming may not be desirable. If the shudder is still unacceptable in either case and the truck is an "XL", replace the driveline with one from an "XLT" of the same wheel base.
On deceleration from 60-30 MPH 4X4/ 137" and 142" wheel base (may be interpreted as a bearing noise):
Inspect the rear axle/spring spacer block. Single cardan joint driveshat axles use a flat spacer. Double cardan driveshaft axles use a wedge-shaped one; the block should measure 3 7/8" to the front and 3 5/8" to the rear. If these measurements are reversed, the blocks need to be swapped side-to-side.

99 F-series 4X4 popping noise on turns or over uneven surfaces:
Inspect the front spring shackel and sway bar links for possible contact with their frame brackets due to bushing missalignment. Strike the shackels and links with a soft-faced hammer side to side and listen for a metal to metal noise. Replace the shackel bracket (P/N F81Z-5335-AA) or link (P/N F81Z-5K483-BA) as required.

F-Series rear axle applications:
There are two limited-slip differentials available for these trucks, not including the Dana 80 used on F-450 and larger. On 97 trucks and earlier there could be a Ford (Sterling) or Dana 60 differential, and on 99's there could be a Ford one- or two-piece case differential. Determining which normally is done by referencing the tag number on the axle cover. However, in the case of the 97 trucks the cover must be removed and the differential case inspected to determine which is actually installed. The entire assemblies are interchangable, but the individual parts are not. Look at the LH side of the differential case to identify the assembly.

Ford assembly: F75Z-4026-DA; Clutch pack kit: F75Z-4947-AB
Dana assembly: E7TZ-4026-B; Clutch pack kit: E5TZ-4880-A

1999 F-series transmission noise--ZF M6OD: The M6OD does not have a dual mass flywheel. Instead a new design dampened clutch plate is used to dampen engine vibrations.Some customers may experience a harsh gear roll-over noise at idle, neutral run-up or at high speeds. There is an updated clutch plate, but it does not seem to completely remedy the concern. The noise is an annoyance, but Ford states that it is not detrimental to the transmission.

1999 F-series electric vacuum pump constantly running may be caused by a build up of vacuum in the pump housing cover. "Tee" in a vacuum gauge and confirm that the vacuum is building to 15-18 in/Hg. If the pump continues to run after reching the specified readings, remove the cylindrical black plastic cover and drill a 1/16" hole in the end. Snap the cover back into place and retest.

1997 and earlier diesel trucks equiped with vacuum power brakes--Low/creeping pedal:
Many owners have complained of a low or creeping brake pedal on their trucks, often mistaken for a bad master cylinder or Rear ABS valve. If the condition occurs after the vehicle has come to a stop, and no other brake concerns are found, (worn or out-of-adjusted brakes, cocked pads, or hydraulic problems) the condition is normal and the result of the vacuum pump replenishing the vacuum inside the power booster. Ford has developed a Zero-Loss Travel brake booster to correct this condition if the customer finds it unacceptable. This part is only for use on diesel-equiped trucks--P/N F5TZ-2005-CA--and is not a service replacement; it must be ordered by the part number, not vehicle application.

This condition is similar to the low brake pedal concern on all 1995 F-series that required a larger-diameter master cylinder:

Trucks without cruise control:

F-250 Gas 4X2; F-350 DRW, SRW Gas 4X2, SRW 7.3 4X2 168" WB
F-250 4X4, 7.3 4X2; F-350 SRW 4X4, SRW 7.3 4X2 133" WB

Trucks with cruise control:

F-250 Gas 4X2; F-350 DRW, SRW Gas 4X2, SRW 7.3 4X2 168" WB
F-250 4X4, 7.3 4X2; F-350 SRW 4X4, SRW 7.3 4X2 133" WB
These part numbers are from TSB's 96-25-19 and 98-5A-34, and are not normal service-stock replacment parts.

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