F-650/750 & Low Cab Forward Bulletins

Update 12-5-07

Cam Position Sensor Recall 07S57:
1997 through 2003 model year Ford trucks and vans are being recalled for replacement on the camshaft position sensor (CMP). Affected parts are the old black sensor with the gold-colored retainer. The CMP will be inspected and replaced, if applicable, with the new gray sensor with silver retainer (P/N F7TZ-12K073-B). If the trcuk already has the gray sensor, it will be released with no repair. If you have already paid to have the gray sensor installed (either warranty deductable or out of warranty), reimbursment is available. Instructions for reimbursment will be included with the recall letter. If you had the CMP replace recently and the old black sensor was installed, you MAY be eligable for reimbursement. Due to the high volume of affected vehicles, new sensor may not be in stock. I advise you call the dealership before going in.

2008 Cummins-equipped trucks limited to 45 MPH:
F650/750s with the Cummins engine and manula transmission may have an illuminated check engine light with diagnostic code 242. When this code is present, vehicle speed is limited to 45 MPH. There is an ECM software update available from Cummins Service Centers. Cummins Daily Note #DN070025; Ford Broadcast Message 7193.

White Smoke, Lack of Power, Exhaust Odor, Surge, Runs Rough, or No Start:
The above symptoms on F650/750 with the 6.0, or on LCF with the 4.5, when the engine is cold may indicate a sticking injector spool valve. To reduce the likelyhood of this condition, there is a revised program available for the ECM. This new program will actuate (buzz) the injectors for 30 seconds after the engine is shut off.
TSB #06-23-7, 06-25-7.

2006 LCF Sepentine Belt Noise:
There is a revised serpentine belt available to correct noise from the belt.
Without A/C: 6E7Z-8620-D; With A/C: 6E7Z-8620-C.
TSB #06-7-8

Safety Recall 05S31, 2005 F650/750:
A total of 25 trucks built at Escobedo, Mexico from 2-21-05 through 3-18-05 were fitted with Accuride aluminum wheels that were not properly machined. These wheels, installed on the rear axle, inboard position, may develop cracks in the mounting surface. The date code on the inner edge should be inspected, and the wheel replaced if it has the following codes: E011505 2 6; E011605 1 6, -2 6 or -3 6; E011705 1 6 or -3 6.

04/05 Trucks Cold Weather Regions--Various Symptoms and Codes:
Trucks built before 1-10-05 with the 6.0 PowerStroke, engine serial numbers 0000000-0109728 may exhibit plugging of the intake system and catalytic converter in cold regions. Symptoms exerienced may include hard start/long crank time, Lack or loss of power, rough running, bucking, misfire. Trouble codes may be 343, excessive EBP; 344, engine off EBP high (biased); 345, VGT fault during testing; 346, EGR fault during testing; 351, change in EBP did not occur when expected; 355, VGT overspeed; 361, MAP/EBP above or below desired level; 365, EGR position above/below desired; 367, EGR position incorrect. The ECU calibration should be checked and updated if not at the latest level. The engine should be started after calibration is complete to ensure it will start. Once the ECU is at the latest level, an air management kit, P/N 5C4Z-9U531-A, should be installed. This includes replaceing the MAP sensor (clean the MAP sensor port on the intake), an EBP sensor and tube (clean the port on the EBP bracket and exhaust manifold), and the VGT turbo actuator. Ensure all wiring is secured away from sharp edges and exhaust components, test drive the truck for 20 miles and retest for codes.
TSB 05-12-5.

2004/05 F-650/750 Fuel Level Sensor:
Check replacement fuel level sensors prior to installation to ensure they provide the correct gauge readings. Proper resistance readings are 15 ohms at empty and 160 at full. If the sensor reads open or outside of the specified range, use another sensor. Broadcast Message 3752.
Note: Only the right fuel level sensor is connected to the fuel gauge. The sensor in the left tank is for the tank transfer pump.

2004-2005 F650/750 No Start, No ECM/TCM Communications and/or Flashing Automatic Transmission Indicator:
This may be caused by corrosion or poor connection in the power/ground circuits. The following connectors should be repaired:
2004 with Cat or Cummins engines: Connectors 9260 and 9261
2005 with Cat or Cummins: Connectors 1222 and 1047
2004 with PowerStroke: Connectors 9260, 9261 and 6323
2005 with PowerStroke: Connectors 1222, 1047 and 1019
The original connectors are two-terminal and the replacements are three-terminal. It will be necessary to plug the additional holes. Refer to factory wiring diagrams for connector location and wiring.
Connector 4C4Z-14489-EDA: 2 for Cat/Cummins; 3 for PowerStroke
Connector 4C4Z-14487-AA: 2 for Cat/Cummins; 3 for PowerStroke
Terminal 4C4Z-14421-CB: 4 for Cat/Cummins; 6 for PowerStroke
Terminal 4C4Z-14421-DA: 4 for Cat/Cummins; 6 for PowerStroke
Seal 4C4Z-14B355-CA: 4 for Cat/Cummins; 6 for PowerStroke
Plug 4C4Z-14A666-AA: 4 for Cat/Cummins; 6 for PowerStroke
TSB 04-23-5

2004 F-650/750 Erratic Shift Points--3126 Cat with Allison Transmission:
This may be due to incorrect engine governor programming. The governor may appear to be correctly set, but may need to be updated by an authorized Caterpiller repair facility. Do not attempt to correct this condition by changing the governor settings for "Min/Max" to "Full Range". TSB 04-22-6.

F-650/750 Cummins Turbo Downpipe Recall:
There is currently a customer satisfaction program in effect for these trucks built from 2-26-03 through 2-26-04 at the Escobedo assembly plant. The turbo downpipe needs replacement and a support bracket installed. FSA #04B18.

F650/750 Lack of Power and Smoke from Tailpipe, Cold Start:
The ECM and IDM will need to be updated with the latest calibrations. Not all dealers are able to do this as the F650/750 uses the International style ECM and IDM. Check to see if your dealer has the equipment to perform this service. TSB #04-16-11.

F650/750 Trouble Code 367 after ECM replacement:
To correct an EGR installation reset will need to be performed on the new ECM. TSB #04-16-7.

Hydro-Max Brake System Noise, 2000-2005 F650/750:
A whistling noise from the hydro-max while applying the brakes is a normal characteristic of the system, and no repair attempt should be made. Broadcast Message 1817.

2004 F650/750 Cummins Lack of Power:
This could be caused by a false vehicle speed sensor tampering code (242). A Cummins-cerified dealer must disable the VSS tamper feature from the ECM (computer). If the truck needs to be driven to a Cummins repair facility, the 242 can be reset by cycling the key to run for 30 seconds without starting the engine. Advise the Cummins facility that this was done. Broadcast Message 944

2004-08 F650/750 One Fuel Tank Empty:
Some trucks with dual tanks will have an empty right fuel tank and a full left tank. Diagnose by verifying power and ground to the tank transfer pump, and the fuel level sender input from both tanks to the transfer pump. On 2004-07 trucks the engine runs off the right tank and the left tank feeds the right. Only the right sender is wired to the fuel gauge. On 2008 trucks the left tank feeds the engine, the right tank feeds the left tank, and the left sender is wired to the gauge. If needed, replace the tank transfer pump. TSB 05-5-11, 06-16-9, 07-9-2.
If the fuel line elbow clips break, the elbow part number is W302083.

2004 F650/750 Cummins Air Compressor Noise:
Some air compressors may exhibit a characteristic ticking noise during their duty cycle. This will not affect the engine or compressor. No repair is required. Broadcast Message 0864.

2004 F650/750 Rear Air Suspension Deflates with Key Off:
If the system deflates with the key off and reinflates with the key on, a solenoid dump valve system function test should be performed. If the system fails this test, replace the SV-1 valve assembly with part number 4C4Z-9B593-AA. Trucks equipped with Hadley Air Suspension will require coupling part number 4C4Z-2B323-DA. TSB 3-17-5.

2004 F650/750 Rear Axle Fluid Rerplacement Recall:
Certain 2004 F650/750 trucks built between 8-12 through 8-22-03 at the Escobedo Truck Plant may have had the rear axle lube contaminated with ATF. This affects trucks filled with mineral oil based 80W-90 gear lube and not synthetic. Ford will drain and refill the axles with fresh mineral oil 80W-90 lube. This recall expires 10-31-04. CSP #03B10.

Clutch will not fully disengage or bleeds off when depressed, 2000 F650/750:
There is a new clutch service kit that contains a complete hydraulic system. Replace the pedal stop with part #2C4Z-7583-AB if it is 14MM long. On 5 speed Eaton FS4205 replace the slave cylinde braket with part #2C4Z-7A544-AA; on 7 speed Spicer ES use #2C4Z-7A544-BA. No braket replacement is needed on any other transmission. Adjust the throw-out bearing travel as necessary to provide proper pedal free-play and throw-out bearing clearance. Recheck the fluid level.
Caterpillar/Cummins clutch kit: 2C4Z-7C535-AA
PowerStroke clutch kit: 2C4Z-7C535-BA
TSB #03-7-5

2004 F650/750 5.9 Cummins Erratic Tach:
Enginneering is currently investigating a condition where the tachometer needle jumps when engine speed is increased or decreased, but is steady at constant engine speeds. There is no fix at this time. Broadcast Messsage 0738.

F-650/750 Driveline Vibration:
Some 2000-2003 F650/750 trucks may exhibit a vibration at any speed. This may be due to an improperly aligned driveshaft. Ford HOTLINE should be contacted for proper alignment and center support bearing placement information. Broadcast Message 2920

Caterpillar Oil Leak from Cylinder Head:
Some 2002-03 F650/750 trucks equiped with the Caterpillar engine and built from Aprl to May, 2002 (engine serial numbers CKM49851-56085) may exhibit an oil leak from the high pressure oil rail plugs on the left side of the head, resulting in lack of power or check engine light illumination. This may be caused by the plugs being improperly torqued. If this condition is present, check the engine oil to ensure it is at the proper level before driving the truck to an authorized CAT repair facility. Broadcast Message 3082.

Erratic Throttle Response, 2000/01 F-650/750 with 5.9 Cummins :
A hesitation or stumble may be due to the throttle pedal sensor. To service, replace the TPS with part number F81Z-9F836-AAA. Update parts should have a yellow dot on the sensor cover. Broadcast Message 1736

F650/750 Idle Speed Setting, CAT Engines:
Some 2000 and 01 F650/750's with the CAT diesel engine may exhibit a rough idle. This may be due to low idle RPM setting. Trucks built from 2-19-01, VIN 1MA50189 have already been corrected. SuperCrewzer trucks are not affected. Broadcast Message 0790

F650/750 Stall and/or No Start, 7.3 Engine:
Some trucks built between 8-1-2000 and 1-20-01 may stall and/or not start with codes P1211 or 1212. This may be caused by premature crankshaft end play due to excessive thrust bearing wear. Check the crankshaft end play through the access hole at the transmission bellhousing. If the end play is greater than 0.020", call International with the vehicle information. Broadcast Message 1282

No Elevated Idle During PTO Operation: Some 2001 F250-750 trucks built after 2-1-01 and equiped with PTO capable transmissions, and some 99-01 F250-750 equiped with PTO capable transmissions and service replaced PCM computer may fail to go to high idle when the PTO is engaged. If this happens, replace the PCM. The APCM (idle controller) is not affected.

F-650/750 Cruise Control Inoperative at Times:
Trucks built between 7-20-00 through 9-13-00 with the 5.9 Cummins and automatic transmission may exhibit an inoperative cruise control. Reprogram the ECM with the corect transmission type parameter. TSB 01-04-01.

2000 F650/750 CAT No stop lamp relay
Trucks with CAT engines built before June 1st 1999 do not have a Caterpillar stop lamp relay or related wiring located in the battery junction box. Trucks built after this date have the this relay which provides an input to the CAT ECM when the brake is applied. If an aftermarket cruise control is installed in trucks built before June 1st 1999, the relay will have to be ordered and wired in. Broadcast Message #8426.

2000 F650/750 w/7.3 Charging system concern and loss of power steering fluid:
These issues are unrelated. Some trucks may exhibit poor charging system performance or a no charge condition. Paint on the alternator bracket is causing a poor ground to the engine block. Installing a "star" washer should correct this condition. Some trucks may exhibit an unexplaned loss of power steering fluid (no visable leaks). This may be caused by a missing breather hole resulting in a pump shaft seal leak into the crankcase. Replace the power steering pump and change the contaminated engine oil.

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