PowerStroke Parts info

The following part numbers were valid at the time of their posting.
Some numbers may have been superceded or the item discontinued.
This is for referrence only, not a catalog.

Some things to keep on hand for working on PowerStrokes:
RTV Silicone sealer; Gray, caulking-gun cartridge; used in place of gaskets. NOT Ultra-GrayF5TZ-19G204-AB or
Wacker (pron. vahker) T-442
Antifoaming additive to counter RTV reaction with the oilFleetrite CH1824392 or Lubrizol 888
Fuel lubricity additive; recommended any time the injectors are removed to prevent scoring during break-inF8AZ-9C077-AA
or Stanadyne Lubricity #32398
Stanadyne Performance All-Season Diesel Conditioner
For cold-weather related fuel problems.
Pint 29409, 1/2 Gallon 31845
Coolant test kit; tests for level of DCA4/FW-15/FW-16Fleetguard CC2602 (50)
CC2602A (pack of 4)
Coolant conditioner; add 8oz per one gallon of 50/50 coolant during drain/refill or as neededFleetguard DCA60L (DCA4)
or Ford FW-15/FW-16
Gasket eliminator for rear crankshaft sleeve sealing,
flange, fitting thread and bolt-head sealing
Loctite 515
Damper hub sleeve and seal retainingLoctite 271 or RC/620
Loctite 606 or 242For sealing oil rail end plugs and injector port coolant sleeves
High temp Silicone Dielectric greasefor lubing and holding o-rings and water proofing harness connectors
Oil pan drain copper gasketF4TZ-6734-B

PowerStroke Parts
Oil dipstick14 quart; Navistar P/N 1824405C1F-series F4TZ-6750-E
  E-vans F5UZ-6750-A
 Dipstick tube o-ring875519C1
Air cleaner cover94-97 F-series F6TZ-9661-AB
Air cleaner nuts94-97 F-series F7TZ-9B680-AA
Air cleaner assy99 F-seriesF81Z-9600-BA
 99.5 F-series--modification kitXC3Z-9K635-AA
Oil filter header94-97; Updated snap ring retained check valveF81Z-6881-BA
Oil cooler header gasketRear; oil filter endF4TZ-6A636-A
Front oil cooler housing gasket97 and upF7TZ-6A636-AA
 96 and beforeF4TZ-6A636-B
Oil cooler O-ringsOne of each to seal cooler at each headerE3TZ-6C610-A
Glow plug relay94-96 with pigtail connectorF7TZ-12B533-CA
96-early 2000, w/o pigtailF81Z-12B533-AC
Glow Plug Control Module, mid-production 2000YC3Z-12B533-AA
Glow Plugs F4TZ-12A342-A
Relay shuntRequired for glow plug monitor circuit; 97 California emissionsF81Z-12B533-BA
Injector driver module94-99 F-seriesF7TZ-12B599-AC
 99.5 and up F-SeriesXC3Z-12B599-AA
IDM seals for E-van F6UZ-13C795-AA & -BA
InjectorsFederal emissions and SuperDutyF81Z-9E527-DRM
 96/97 California emissions and all 98.5/99F81Z-9E527-BRM
 99.5 and upF81Z-9E527-CRM
 97-99 Cackle Fix; #8 cylinder ONLYF81Z-9E527-EARM
 99.5-2000 Cackle Fix; #8 cylinder ONLYXC3Z-9E527-AARM
Injector O-ring kitsReplaces all previous kitsXC3Z-9229-AA
Fuel filter housingEngine serial numbers 201680 and beforeF4TZ-9155-B
 Engine serial number 201681 up to 98.5F6TZ-9155-A
 98.5 and upF81Z-6658-BA
Fuel filter housing reseseal kit94-95F5TZ-9157-A
Fuel filter drain kit94-98F5TZ-9A153-A
Fuel pressure regulatorFederal emissions; 94-98F5TZ-9K061-A
spring# 1823643-C1
 California emissions; engine serial numbers 201681 up to 98F6TZ-9K061-AA
spring# 1825854-C1
 98.5 and upF81Z-9B249-BB
Fuel filter stand pipe94-97F5TZ-9236-A
Fuel heater element94-97F5TZ-9J294-A
Restricted fuel filter sensorOn rear of filter housing 94/95; on regulator block 96/97E8TZ-9S283-A
Under Valve Cover harness94-97F4TZ-9D930-K
 98.5 and upF81Z-9D930-AB
Valve cover harness repair kits;
Contains 4 hard shells w/ seals, w/o terminals
Fuel lift pump o-ringSeals pump to engine blockF4TZ-9E583-B
Fuel lift pump outlet sealsSeals the banjo fitting of the "wishbone" lineF4TZ-9A375-A
Fuel line damper96/97 California, mounts on lift pump banjo fittingF6TZ-9N163-AA
Fuel line damper gasketCopper washer, NOT included with damperF6TZ-9160-AA
Fuel line seals94-97, seals lines at head inlet fittingsF4TZ-9C387-A
Fuel line seal kitFor 98.5 and up; parts can be used on earlier modelsF81Z-9C387-BA
ICP sensor96 and up; marked Julian date 6318 or higherF6TZ-9F838-A
Upper oil rail o-ringsFor rail plugs, elbows and ICPF4TZ-9N693-A
HP oil pump fitting o-ringsPackage of 3 for 98.5-032C3Z-9G804-AA
HP oil supply fittingsElbows on cylinder head oil rails; 97 and beforeF4TZ-9N332-A
 Quick-connect fitting on cylinder head oil rails; 98 and upF81Z-9N332-AA
 HP oil pump fitting and o-ring; 97 and beforeF4TZ-9C402-A
 HP oil pump quick-connect fitting and o-ring; 98 and upF81Z-9C402-AA
HP oil supply hoses97 and beforeLH: F6TZ-9A332-A
RH: F6TZ-9J323-A
 98 and upLH: F81Z-9A332-AA
RH: F81Z-9J323-AA
Oil rail end plugsLarge plugs at each end of heads; incl. o-rings1827535-C91
Fuel rail plug o-ringsSeals the small 1/4" square-drive drain at ends of heads1815734-C91
Turbo charger assy, remanUp to 98.5; turbine and compressorF6TZ-6K682-ARM
Turbo charger assy, remanUp to 98.5; Complete--includes pedestal and EPRF4TZ-6K682-BRM
 98.5/99 Econoline w/o EBPF8UZ-6K682-AARM
 99 F-series w/o EBPF81Z-6K682-AARM
 99 F-series w/EBPF81Z-6K682-AA
 99.5 Econoline w/o EBPXC2Z-6K682-AARM
 99.5 F-series w/o EBPF81Z-6K682-CARM
 99.5 F-series w/EBPF81Z-6K682-BARM
Turbo pedestalUp to 98.5F4TZ-6N639-A
 99 (before 12-7-98) F-series w/o EBPF81Z6N639-BA
 99 (before 12-7-98) F-series w/EBPF81Z-6N639-AARM
 99.5 F-series w/o EBPF81Z-6N639-DARM
 99.5 F-series w/EBPF81Z-6N-639-CARM
Turbo pedestal o-ringsBetween pedestal and block; pedestal and turboF4TZ-6N653-A and -B
Turbo compressor outlet to Y-pipe o-ring94-99F4TZ-9E436-A
 99.5 F81Z-9E436-AA
CAC crossover manifold hoseBlue; from cast manifold to intercooler pipeYC3Z-6C640-LA
"Hot" intercooler hoseFrom intercooler to CAC pipesYC3Z-6C640-KA
"Cold" intercooler hose YC3Z-6C640-MA
Intercooler hose clamps; "cold" side NOT spring loadedF81Z-6K786-BA
Spring loaded F81Z-6K786-AA
Intercooler hose clamps; "hot" sideAt each hose connectionYC3Z-6K786-DA
Intercooler tube assyDriver's or "hot" sideYC3Z-6C646-AB
Turbo exhaust inlet gasketBetween turbo inlet and collectorF4TZ-6N640-B
Turbo exhaust collector donutAt top of each manifold-to-turbo pipeF4TZ-6K854-C
Turbine to compressor housing bolt kit99 and up, for bolts that fall out1822779-C91
Exhaust backPressure RegulatorEPR solenoid, up to 98.5F5TZ-6C673-A
Exhaust BackPressure sensor94-96; Mounts on bracket above oil reservoir F4TZ-9J460-A
 97 and up; may mount like earlier models, later in front of reservoirF7TZ-9J640-AA
CMP sensor94-96, parts suffix C96, 97, 98F6TZ-12K073-A (C99)
 97+, parts suffix C91, 92F7TZ-12K073-A (C93)
HP oil pumpEngine serial number up to 201680
Includes F81Z-AA IPR valve; use F4TZ-A gasket
 Engine serial number 201681 through 99F6TZ-9A543-ARM
HP oil pump gasketEngine serial number 201680 and beforeF4TZ-9417-A
  Engine serial number 201681 and upF6TZ-9417-A
IPR valveEngine serial number 187099 and before
or pump number 255C92
 Engine serial number 187100 and up
or pump number 247C91
IPR o-ring kitFor when IPR valve replacement is not requiredF6TZ-9C977-AN
Front timing coverEngine serial number 201680 and beforeF4TZ-6019-A
 Engine serial number 201681 through 96F6TZ-6019-AA
 97 and upF7TZ-6019-AA
Upper oil reservoirEngine serial number 201680 and beforeF4TZ-6658-A
 Engine serial number 201681 up to 98.5F6TZ-6658-AA
Reservoir GasketEngine serial number 201680 and before; partial gasket, RTV requiredF4TZ-6619-A
 Engine serial number 201680 up to 98.5; full gasket, no RTVF6TZ-6619-AA
Oil pressure sender switchEngine serial number 201680 and beforeF4TZ-9278-A
 Engine serial number 201681 up to 98.5F6TZ-9278-AA
Water PumpEngine serial number 201680 and beforeF81Z-8501-BRM
 Engine serial number 201681 up to 98.5F81Z-8501-CRM
ThermostatEngine serial number 201680 and beforeF4TZ-8575-A
 Engine serial number 201681 up to 98.5F6TZ-8575-AAA
Thermostat gasket O-ring F4TZ-8255-A
Water pump inlet pipe gasketO-ring F81Z-8255-AA
Crankcase Breather O-ringsSmall; seals screw head; 1/packF4TZ-6769-A
Large; seals breather adapter to valve cover; 2/packF4TZ-6769-C
Coolant temp senderFor gauge, mounts on water pumpF1SZ-10884-A
For overheat light, RH front of blockF4TZ-10884-B
Piston, pin and ringsEngine serial number 201680 and beforeF4TZ-6102-A
 Engine serial number 201681 up to 98.5F5TZ-6102-A
Starter solenoidMounted on starter motor--can be serviced separatelyF4TZ-11390-A
Accelerator pedal; with AP & IVSF-seriesF6TZ-9F836-AA
MAP (turbo boost) sensor94-98; digitalF4TZ-9F479-A
98 and up; analogF8UZ-9F479-BA

More to come.

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