7.3 Bulletins Page

Updated: 6-4-08

7.3 Bulletins:

Customer Satisfaction Programs 08B02 and 48B01; Deductible Reimbursment:
Ford has released two customer satisfaction recalls for the 7.3 and 6.0 PowerStrokes. Owners of some 2002-2005 trucks and vans that had fuel injectors replaced between January 2003 and September 2007 in California and other "green states" were mistakenly charge the $100.00 deductible for the PowerStroke warranty when their truck was still under that state's emissions warranty (state coverage varies, but is typically 50,000 miles).
If your truck is registered in a state requiring additional emissions coverage, and you had a qualifying repair performed within the above dates, and you or the servicing dealer has the original repair invoice, you may be eligible for a refund of the deductible. If your truck qualifies, the VIN will be flagged on Ford's database as needing FSA 08B02 or 48B01.
You only qualify for a refund if you paid the deductible. Deductibles paid by the dealership or an extended warranty are not eligible.
This program is in effect until November 30, 2008.

Cam Position Sensor Recall 07S57:
1997 through 2003 model year Ford trucks and vans are being recalled for replacement on the camshaft position sensor (CMP). Affected parts are the old black sensor with the gold-colored retainer. The CMP will be inspected and replaced, if applicable, with the new gray sensor with silver retainer (P/N F7TZ-12K073-B). If the trcuk already has the gray sensor, it will be released with no repair. If you have already paid to have the gray sensor installed (either warranty deductable or out of warranty), reimbursment is available. Instructions for reimbursment will be included with the recall letter. If you had the CMP replace recently and the old black sensor was installed, you MAY be eligable for reimbursement. Due to the high volume of affected vehicles, new sensor may not be in stock. I advise you call the dealership before going in.

Lack of Power, Trucks with Steel Tanks:
Some trucks may have a lack of power due to low fuel pressure from a plugged fuel filter or in-tank pickup tube, or restricted fuel lines. This could be caused by the steel tank lining becoming de-laminated/flaking off. If this occurs, the tank will need to be replaced, along with the plugged components. Be aware that using biodiesel with more than 5% concentration (B5) may cause this to happen. The replacement tanks do have a more resistant coating to help prevent this occurance, however Ford still recommends using no higher than B5 biodiesel. Broadcast Message 6865, 7103.

Mercon V Use in Mercon Transmissions:
Effective 6-29-4, Ford is discontinuing Mercon ATF licensing and manufacturing. Mercon V is now approved for use in all transmissions specifying Mercon. This includes both the E4OD and 4R100 automatics and the ZF six-speed manual, as well as the transfer cases. Once exsisting stocks of Mercon is depleted it will no longer be available. Transmissions that specify Mercon V should still use only that fluid. The ZF five-speed will still use synthetic Mercon. TSB 06-14-4.

2002-2006 Battery Terminal Bolt Broken or Corroded:
Trucks with the stamped metal battery terminals no longer require replacement of the cable if only the terminal bolt fails. The bolt (P/N 5C3Z-10756-A) and nut (5C3Z-18865-A) are now available to service this condition.
TSB #05-20-1

2002 False Cam Position Sensor Code, Delayed 3-4 shift:
Some 2002 trucks may have an intermittent reaccuring code P0344 for the cam position sensor with no driveability problems, and/or a delayed 3-4 upshift (automatic transmission) at light throttle due to the toreque converter not locking up after the 2-3 upshift. This may be more noticable on trucks with 3.73 rear axle ratios. It's recommended to reprogram the powertrain computer with the latest calibration.
TSB #03-21-48.

Water in After Axle Fuel Tank, 99-06 Cab and Chassis:
Water present in the 40 gallon rear fuel tank on trucks with 7.3 or 6.0 PowerStroke engines may be due to snow and ice accumulating on top of the tank. As the snow and ice melts, the water may be drawn into the "mushroom" fuel tank vent cap. The original vent cap should be replaced with a vent line kit, P/N 5C3Z-9S327-A. The kit comes with a hose, which should be routed to the crossmember forward of the fuel tank, and a new vent cap. The vent cap should be positioned horizontally to prevnt moisture from collecting in it.
TSB 05-13-7

E450, Fluid Leak from Transmission-Mounted Parking Brake:
Vans built from 96-05 that leak ATF from the parking brake assembly may have a leak between the transmission and p.brake that is overfilling the p.brake housing. Drain the excess fluid by removing the p.brake fluid fill plug. Once the fluid level stabilizes, reinstall the plug and check the transmission fluid level, adjusting as needed. Monitor the fluid level in the p.brake housing, and if the level again increases, the p.brake assembly will need to be replaced. Broadcast Message 3684.

Bump or Clunk when Starting from a Stop, 4X2 Vehicles:
This may be due the slip yoke on the driveshaft not slipping smoothly. Separate the slip yoke from the driveshaft (index for reassembly) and lube the splines with Motorcraft P/N XG-8 PTFE (Teflon) grease.
TSB 04-26-6
(4X4 vehicle can be fixed in the same manner, although not covered by this TSB)

99-05 F-SuperDuty Rear Suspension Lean:
This applies to rear suspension lean only. The truck needs to be parked on a level surface with no load (or at least loaded evenly) and all tires inflated evenly. Inspect for spring damage or shackle bushing wear. Measure vertically from the lowest point of the wheel rim (not from the ground) to the wheel lip. If the measurment is within 3/5" from side to side, no action is required. If the measurement is greater than 3/4", measure the gap from the top of the axle to the rebound bumper bracket. If this measurment is within 3/4", inspect the body mounts and have the frame checked. If the measurement is between 3/4-1", install shim 3C3Z-5A300-AA on the low side, between the spring spacer and spring seat. If the measurement is between 1-1.75", install shim 5C3Z-5742-AA on the low side. If the measurement is greater than 2", replace the spring. Install longer U-bolts if necessary.
TSB 04-23-6

2000-2003 Electronic Glow Plug Control Module Harness Repair Kit:
7.3 trucks with the electronic GPCM may exhibit hard or no start when cold. This may be due to damaged GPCM harness connectors or terminals. Use repair kit 4C3Z-12B568-AA, which is intended for the 6.0 liter PowerStroke. TSB 04-22-8

Popping From Rear of Cab, 2001 Crew Cab Trucks:
This may be caused by a slip/stick condition of the rear cab mounts. To correct, install polyurethane spacers, 1C3Z-1000145-AA, between the rear cab mounts and the frame. SSM 14649.

2001-2003 F-Series/Excursion Returns to Idle on Acceleration:
Some late 2001 trucks with the single connector accelerator pedal sensor, and 2002/03 trucks with non-adjustable pedals may return to idle on a hard acceleration. The check engine light may illuminate as well and code P0123 will be set. This is do to the computer receiving a too high accelerator pedal sensor voltage signal. This typically occurs when the pedal is held firmly against the floor. If this occurs and no problems are found, replace the accelerator pedal assembly with part number 1C3Z-9F836-BA. TSB 04-24-11.

Electric Vacuum Pump Inop or Ventilation System Deverts to, or Only Blows Through, Defrost Vents:
If the vents devert to the defrost mode, this is usually due to a leak in the vacuum system. Typically if the problem is in the automatic hub system, this will only occur when 4X4 is selected. If it occurs on in a specifc ventilation mode, the vacuum servos associated with that selection would be suspect. If the ventilation system stays on defrost at all times, a leak in the system at the vacuum pump, or the vacuum pump itself may be at fault. For vacuum pumps that are inoperative or continuously running, replace with P/N 4C3Z-2A451-AB. Broadcast Message 1244, 1575, 3278; TSB #04-16-8

ESOF Transfer Case Concerns:
On some trucks with the electronic shift-on-fly transfer case there may be engagement/shift concernes. Check the ESOF motor relays on the driver side fender. If the relays or relay box have become dislodged, corrosion may form on the relay terminals or inside the relays. Broadcast Message 1511

ICP/EBP Sensor Repair Kit:
Both PowerStroke engines may exhibit codes related to the ICP(7.3: P1280; 6.0: P2285) and/or EBP sensors (P0472). If these codes are present, clear them. Start the engine and wiggle the sensor connector that matches the stored code. If the code returns, replace the sensr connector--P/N 3C3Z-12224-BA for 94-96; 3C3Z-12224-AA for 97-2004. Broadcast Message 1078/SSM #17573.

Trouble Codes P0603 and/or P0605:
Some PowerStroke trucks may exhibit codes related to keep alive memory--KAM (P0603); or read only memory--ROM (P0605). P0603 may be set if the batteries or computer are disconnected. On the 7.3 P0603 can be cleared by running the engine for at least 30 seconds, thn clearing all codes. For the P0605 the computer should be reprogrammed with the latest available calibration. Broadcast Message 1076.

Ford's Position on Biodiesel:
Ford is advising that any of their vehicles powered by a diesel engine, regardless of manufacturer, may exhibit engine or fuel system problems when using fuels with greater than 5% Biodiesel. Any problems when using fuels containing more than 5% Biodiesel should be referred to the fuel manufacturer. Ford only recomends using fuels containing no more than 5% Biodiesel (B5) in their diesel powered vehicles. In addition, as per World Wide Fuel Charter (WWFC) catagory 1-3, fatty acid methyl esters (FAME) must meet EN14214 and ASTM D 6751 specifications. Broadcast Message 0884, 3626, 4942.
It is also recommended to change the oil using the severe duty schedule (3000 mile; no later than 5000 miles) and replace the fuel filter every other oil change (no later than 10,000 miles)

02-03 F-Series Squeal/Squeak from Driveshaft Center Bearing:
Some trucks built after 6-1-02 may exhibit a noise from the center bearing when the bearing seal rotates in the bearing outer race. Use a center bearing manufactured after 6-9-03, indentifiable with a white paint dot, to replace the existing part. Be sure to mark the driveshaft and the yokes they attact to, as well as the two halves of the driveshaft so all parts can be reassembled in their original positions. On driveshafts that require separating the slip yoke to replace the center bearing, lube the splines with teflon grease before assembly. TSB 03-22-2.

94-03 7.3 Idle Lope on Cold Start:
Ford has determined that the engine loping on a cold start is a characteristic of the engine. They are recommending to use a lower viscosity oil--10W-30 meeting API service CH-4 or CI4--to reduce the condition. They also suggest plugging in the block heater when outside temperatures are below 30 degrees and/or waiting up to two minutes with the key on before starting the engine to allow the glow plugs to fully heat the cylinders. Broadcast Message 1050.

2003 Econoline Remains at Idle and/or Trouble Code P0221:
Some vans built during June and July 2003 with the 7.3 engine may remain at idle regardless of accelerator pedal position. This condition may be intermittent and the check engine light may be illuminated. If a P221 trouble code is in the computer, replace the accelerator pedal assembly with P/N XC2Z-9F836-AA. If there is no code, or the condition persists after pedal replacement, follow normal diagnostics. Use a scan tool to monitor AP voltage and IVS mode/state. IVS should switch from OFF to ON before AP reaches 1.6 volts. Broadcast Message 0999.

99-07 Super Duty F-Series Two-Piece Driveshaft Shudder:
Some trucks may exhibit a vibration on moderate to heavy acceleration from a stop. This is usually due to too high of an angle through the center u-joint. The correct angle through the u-joint should be 0.5-3.0 degrees (compare front shaft angle to rear shaft). Check the engineering number of the center bearing bracket to ensure it is the correct application, and replace if necessary. If the bracket is correct, the shudder may be corrected by shimming the bearing down from the bracket using up to three 1/4" shims, part number E0TZ-4A209-A and two grade eight bolts long enough to expose three threads above the nut when tightened to 46 ft/lbs. Loctite is recommended. Broadcast Message 0518, 1475, TSB 04-22-7, 05-17-6, 06-23-4.

2002 Super Duty Trucks with Repeat Accelerator Pedal Codes:
Some turcks built prior to 12-1-01 may exhibit repeat AP or IVS codes--P0122, P0123, P0221; after replacement of the accelerator pedal assembly. Check the harness at the accelerator pedal and driver side shock tower for chaffing or shorts, and the AP sensor connector for damaged or pushed out pins. Repair as needed. Broadcast Message 0512

99-03 Loose/Broken Radiator Hose Clamps:
A coolant leak may be detected due to a loose or broken radiator hose clamp. You may need to squeeze the clamp with pliers to detect the break. The hose clamps can be replaced by using a heat gun to soften the glue retaining the clamp to the hose. Remove the clamp and replace with P/N W710044-S900 for 2" hose ID or W710043-S900 for 1.75" hose ID. Broadcast Message 0529.

7.3 Severe Duty Air Induction System Kit:
Finally after five and a half years, Ford has released a larger air filter assembly for the 7.3 F-Series and Excursions. This replacement housing utilizes a Donaldson PowerCore air filter element similar to what is stock on the 6.0. The 7.3 AIS Severe Duty Kit is intended to provide increased filter surface area and filter change intervals when operating in high dirt/dust environments. If you have an early 99 built before 12/17/98, and still have the original air box opening into the fender, you will also need the clean air hose, P/N XC3Z-9B659-AA, that runs from the air box to the collar above the valve cover. Unfortunately, Ford is not installing these under warranty.
7.3 AIS Severe Duty Kit Brochure
Info on the PowerCore air filter can be viewed at Donaldson.com (Requires Adobe Acrobat).
May be a more desireable alternative to the previous fixes:
Revised Air Cleaner and Filter, 99-2001 F-series/Excursions built before 11-25-00:
This new air cleaner assembly is to correct lack of power concerns caused by a collapsed air filter element. The element now has a 3" pleat, and the air cleaner cover has a post to keep the element in position. May be used to replace any air cleaner from model/year 99 up to 11-25-00, at which time it became production. TSB #01-9-5, 03-21-42.
Air Cleaner Assembly: 1C3Z-9600-AA; includes element FA-1710
Trucks built prior to 12-7-98 should use the air cleaner from TSB# 99-6-4 as the above kit is not complete for those trucks. It will come with the FA1710 filter.
Supersedes: TSB# 99-6-4, Air cleaner kit: XC3Z-9K635-AA
TSB#98-16-11, Air cleaner F81Z-9600-BA

Wait to Start Lamp Stays on, or Illuminates While Driving:
Some 2002 and 03 F-SuperDuty trucks and Excursions, including those with gasoline engines, may exhibit improper "wait to start" lamp operation. For 02 trucks with the 7.3, there is an updated computer calibration and instrument cluster. For '02 gas trucks and '03 7.3 trucks there is an updated cluster. After replacement the cluster will need to be properly configured or certain functions, such as illuminated entry and delayed accessories, will not operate correctly. TSB 03-4-5.

Accelerator Pedal Recall 03B03:
This recall is for certain 2002 and 2003 F-series and Excursions with adjustable pedals. The reason is an intermittent sensor performance problem. The check engine light may come on and you may experience a lack of throttle response. Affected vehicles are 2002's built in Mexico from July/August 01 through December 21, 01, and 2002 and 2003's built in Kentucky from July/August 01 through October 17, 02. This recall will be in effect until March 31, 2004, regardless of mileage.
Accelerator Pedal Assembly: 2C3Z-9F836-DE

Oil Leakage at 7.3 HP Oil Pump Fittings/Plug:
If oil leakage is detected at the HP oil pump hose fittings or passage plug (not the rear plate), the fittings/plug can be removed and resealed with o-rings from kit 2C3Z-9G804-AA. The threads on the fitting/plug should be cleaned and the included Loctite sealer applied. Tighten the fittings/plug to 23-28 ft/lbs. The HP pump does not need to be removed to perform this procedure. Braodcast Message 3916, 0684; TSB #03-17-1, 03-21-50.

99-03 F-Series Clutch Inoperative:
There has been yet another update to the clutch hydraulic system on the Super Duties. If the clutch system is inoperative, and it is found the problem is in the hydraulic system, replace the system as an assembly with P/N 2C3Z-7C522-CA. Broadcast Message 9955.
You will have to order the master cylinder pushrod, F81Z-2143-BA, seperately.

7.3 Oil Pan Corrosion:
Some engines may exhibit oil pan corrosion if operatted in high salt enviroments. If corrosion is found, the pan should be cleaned of oil and dirt, sanded and cleaned. Apply Motorcraft PM-13-A High Temp Anti-corrosion Coating to the pan. TSB #05-20-3

2003 F-Series and Excursion Long Crank When Hot and/or Code P1211:
Some 2003 7.3's may exhibit a long crank time when hot and/or trouble code P1211 (ICP pressure above or below expected) during a hard acceleration. This may be due to the high pressure oil pump. To test the engine needs to be warmed up to operating temperature (engine oil temp above 170 degrees). Perform a hard acceleration while monitoring ICP and IPR data. The IPR duty cycle should not excede 50%. A lower than normal ICP reading or higher than normal IPR reading may indicate oil leakage in the head. Each head should be isolated and the high oil pressure checked in each, looking for an imbalance in pressure. If the pressure in the heads are the same and the IPR duty cycle is above 55% under load, and the ICP pressure builds slowly while cranking, replace the HP oil pump. Broadcast Message 3837.
Note: Air in the HP oil system or a faulty IPR valve can cause similar symptoms. High ICP and IPR may indicate a fuel delivery problem. If the high oil pressure is lower in one head, suspect injector o-rings.

Exhaust Backpressure (EBP) Valve Actuator Oil Leak:
Oil leaks at the EBP valve actuator in the turbocharger pedestal may now be repaired with a revised seal, instead of replacing the pedestal. The pedestal will need to be removed from the engine to perform this repair. Only repair pedestals that are actually leaking, not those that have a film of oil from seepage. Engines built at Indianapolis after 6-1-02 and in Brazil after 9-3-02 have the revised seal. Broadcast Message 3855; TSB #04-20-2.
94.5-98: 2C3Z-9P466-BA
98.5-03: 2C3Z-9P466-AB

2002/03 F-Series and Excursion Belt Squeal; 99-01 with Replaced Belts:
Some 7.3 engines may exhibit a loud squeal noise from the engine area when the engine is under load and the fan clutch is locked up, typically in hot and dusty conditions. Another complaint may be the fan clutch oscillating or not locking up. This may be due to dust accumulating on the back side of the belt and causing it to slip on the water pump pulley. This usually affects only 2002 model/year vehicles, but may occur in trucks built from 99-01 if the belt was replaced after July 01. On single rear wheel trucks, replace the serpentine belt with P/N 1C2Z-8620-NA on single-alternator engines, and 1C2Z-8620-PA on dual-alternators. Broadcast Message 3848.
A service kit has been released for 2002 trucks only. It includes a belt, tensioner and water pump pulley. Use 2C3Z-8620-AA for single alternator and 2C3Z-8620-BA for dual alternators. Broadcast Message 0718.

Cam Position Sensor O-ring Now Available:
In some instances the camshaft postion sensor (CMP) may leak oil from around the sensor where it installs on the timing cover. The sensor does not need to be replaced--use o-ring part number F81Z-12B615-BA. Broadcast Message 3783

Under Valve Cover Harness Comes Disconnected, 98.5 and newer:
Egine serial numbers 0661894 and higher (98.5> E-van, 99> F-SuperDuty, 00> Excursion and F650/750) may have intermittent rough running, misfire or glow plug monitor concerns and/or trouble codes. This could be due to a loose connection between the UVC harness and valve cover gasket, resulting from a relaxed or distorted UVC harness connector lock. The connection between the UVC harness and gasket should be inspected, and if is found to be loose with no other damage (burnt terminals, melted connector shell), install locking clip P/N 2C3Z-14A163-AB. Retest to ensure that all symptoms have been resolved. Broadcast Message 3777

02 E-van Water Pump Pulley Bolts Loose: Some vans may have loose water pump pulley bolts, which could lead to the bolts shearing or damage to the pulley or water pump. If the bolts are found to be loose, the pulley and pump should be inspected and replaced as needed. When reassembling, apply Loctite to the bolt threads and torque to 18 ft/lbs.

2001-2002 Trucks with 4R100 Torque Converter Clutch Solenoid Codes:
Some trucks build between 1-1-01 to 5-1-02 may exhibit a flashing OD light and possibly harsh shifting, with any or all of the following trouble codes: P0740, P0741, P0743, P1744. This may be due to high resistance in the torque converter clutch solenoid, which results in lower torque converter lock pressures. The transmission solenoid body should be replace with P/N F81Z-7G391-CB to correct. Broadcast Message 3559

2002 PCM Calibration Update:
The latest calibration update for the 2002 F-Super Duty and Excursion with the PowerStroke engine includes diagnostic enhancements to prevent wait to start light problems, such as the light coming on intermittently while driving, as well as increased low/reverse clutch capacity in manual first gear. New tear tag codes included are QLJ5, VDH5, KEK5, BXE5, VDU5, NQW5, ZRE4, AEB4, and GDU4. Broadcast Message 3272

Premium Gold Coolant Discolored:
Some customers owning 2002 trucks may notice their cooolant appearing light golden to dark brown. This is due to discoloration caused by stop leak pellets added to the coolant reservoir at the factory. The discoloration does not affect the coolant protection. Installation of the pellets does not represent a problem with the cooling systems, and is done as a standard practice on many new vehicles. The formulation of the pellets is being changed to prevent the discoloration effect. Braodcast Message 3324

Steering Wheel Off Center:
Some 2002 4X4 F250-550, 4X2 F450 and 550, and 4X4 Excursions may have an off-center steering wheel. This may be due to a bent tracking bar. Check the bar with a straight edge, and if it is bent, replace it with a larger diameter bar, P/N YC3Z-3B239-AA. Broadcast Message 2923.

2002 Door Handle Rivet(s) Broken: F-Series trucks built from 12-1-01 to 2-8-02 may exhibit broken door handle rivet(s). If you find one or more rivets broken on any door handle, all outside door handles should be replaced (rears on crew cab only). Front left: F81Z-2522404-BAC; right: F81Z-2522405-BAC; rear left: F81Z-2626600-AAB; right: F81Z-2626601-AAB. Broadcast Message 2930

Noise/No Start, Starter Teeth Damage, 99-01 Mexican-Built F450:
F450's built in Mexico with the 7.3 diesel engine may exhibit starter teeth damage, nor crank, or noise while cranking. Inspect the starter teeth. If they are damaged, replace the starter with P/N 2C3Z-1002-AARM. 1999 model/year trucks will require replacing the starter harness as well, P/N 2C3Z-14300-CA. If the flywheel is damaged, replace it with P/N YC3Z-6375-DA. TSB# 02-9-4.

Premium Gold Engine Coolant:
2002 trucks originally equiped with Premium Gold (yellow) coolant should not have DCA/SCA's added to the cooling system. It should not be mixed with conventional (usually green) engine coolants. Ford is also recommending not to drain the Gold coolant and replace it with green coolant, or to recycle and reuse the Gold coolant. Engineering is checking on compatibility in older systems, but at this time use green if it came with green and Gold if it came with Gold.

Trucks originally filled with Gold coolant:
All 2002 F-Series built at the Kentucky Truck Plant (VIN 11th digit "E")
2002 F150-550 built in Cuautitlan (VIN "M") from 2-4-02
2002 F650/750 built in Cuautitlan from 1-28-02
All Econolines built from 7-15-02

1999-02 Cold Start Rolling Idle:
Some F-Series, Excursions and Econolines with the PowerStroke engine may exhibit an erratic idle on cold start. This condition typically only occurs on the first start of the day in cool or cold temperatures and generally lasts for less than a minute. The condition may clear if the throttle is depressed. Using a 10W-30 oil with a n API serive rating of CF-4 or higher may dampen the effect, but should only be used if ambient temperatures will not rise above 80 degrees. There is no repair information available; engineering is investigating.
Broadcast Message 2758

2002 4R100 Shift Strategy:
Some 2002 F-Series and Excursions with the PowerStroke engine built before December 2001 may remaiin in second gear if the transmission is shifted from manual second to manual first while the vehicle is not in motion. The computer is programmed to keep the transmission in second gear in this case until reletive motion is detected, at which time the transmission will be commanded to downshift to first gear. This s a normal design characteristic.
Broadcast Message 2837

99-02 PowerStroke DTC P1280:
Some trucks may have a P1280, ICP sensor out of range--low, code stored in the computer. This may be due to a loose ICP sensor connector. To test, clear all codes, start the engine and wiggle the harness near the ICP sensor. If the check engine light comes on and/or the P1280 reappears, disconnect the ICP sesnor connector and inspect the terminals to see if they are bent or corroded. If there is no apparent damage, the connector terminals may fit too loosely on the sensor terminals. Adjust the harness terminals smaller to provide better contact. If this does not correct the concern, remove the terminals from the connector to inspect for poor wire crimp. Broadcast Message 2619.

Steering Damper for E250/350:
Some 1995-2002 E250/350's may exhibit a condition known as "bump steer", where irregularities in the road surface causes the vehicle to steer in a different direction. The first thing to do is inspect the steering for problems such as worn or loose parts, ensure the tire pressures are correct and check the alignment settings. Installing a steering damper may correct this condition. Broadcast Message 2555.

E250 with DANA 60 limited-slip rear axle, chatter on turns:
Some 99-01 Econolines with the DANA 60 SEMI-FLOATING rear axle may exhibit chatter on turns. First, drain the fluid. Install one quart of 90W axle lube, C6AZ-19580-E, into the axle, add 2 4-ounce bottles of friction modifier, C8AZ-19B546-A, then top off the fluid level. Drive the vehicle in circles for five minutes in each direction to distribute the fluid. Test drive the vehicle. If the chatter persists, replace the clutch packs--they may have burrs or wear. Broadcast Message 2553

99/2002 F350 Dually Rear Axle Chatter on Turns:
Ford now recommends using 75W-90 gear lubricant along with 8 ounces of friction modifier to correct and prevent a chatter condition on turns. SSM #14253
If chatter is slight, this can be a normal operating condition. On DANA 80 axles, if chatter is still severe after replacing the fluid, disassemble the differential assembly and replace the clutch pack, P/N 3C3Z-4880-AA. Prelube the clutch friction plates with friction modifier before assembly.
TSB #04-16-04

Clutch pedal stays on floor; Clutch will not disengage; Leak:
This condition may occur on any 2001 Ford truck from the Escape to the F750. This may be due to the hydralic line retaining roll pin coming out of the clutch master or slave cylinder. To repair, install service kit 2C3Z-7C522-AA, which consists of two new roll pins, two cotter pins to keep the roll pins from coming out, and two line seals. When installing, the line must be removed from the master and slave (one at a time to ease in bleeding), the seal is replaced, a new roll pin installed, and the cotter pin inserted through the roll pin and bent over. The system will need to be bled of air after performing this procedure. This repair needs to be done on both the master and external slave cylinder--internal slave cylinders are not affected.
TSB #01-24-1

2002 Erratic coolant temp gauge:
Some 2002 F-Series and Excursion trucks may exhibit an erratic temperature gauge. Verify that the correct temp sender has been installed--the pastic portion of the sender and the harness connector should be gray, not black. If the sender is black, replace it with P/N F5AZ-12A648-A. If the harness connector is also black, it may be necessary to modify the conector (break off the polarity tab) to fit on the gray sender. Broadcast Message 2488.

2002 Serpetine belt squeal:
Some F-Series, Excursions and Econolines built between on 11-29-01 and 11-30-01 may have had the wrong power steering pump pulley installed. The grooves in the incorrect pulley will be off-center, and may cause the belt to walk towards the radiator. The correct pulley should be marked F8TE-3D673-AA. If it is incorrect, replace with P/N F8TZ-3A733-AA. If the number on the pulley shows it to be correct, verify that the pulley is installed properly on the pump (pulley flush with pump shaft). Broadcast Message 2487.

2002 Calibration Update:
There has been a calibration update for 2002 PowerStrokes. Included in the update are Tear-Tag codes AEB3, GDU3, ZRE3, VDH3, KEK3, BXE3, VDU3, QLJ3, NQW3, HPI3, VLB3, HJH3 and IQW3. Enhanced diagnostics include improvements to the self test and scan tool fix, reduced occurance of false P0340 cam position sensor code and fix for the perceived late 3-4 shift on F-Series and Excursions.
Broadcast Message 2338.

Torque Converter Drain Elimination:
Ford is eliminating the fluid drain on all of their torque converts. The drain will be fazed out as current stocks are depleted, so some transmissions may still have the drain. Also, replacement torque converters, of the shelf or those supplied with remanufactured transmissions, may or may not have the drain. To service a tranmission without a torque conveter drain, a fluid exhange machine should be used. Braodcast Message 2079.
Note: An alternative method for service would be to drain and refill the transmission pan, drive the vehicle for 20 minutes, then drain and refill again.

Oil in Cooling System:
This may be due to oil seepage past the oil cooler o-rings. The cooler should be removed and disassembled. Isepct the o-rings--in no damage is found, the cooler bundle should be pressure tested. Following any repairs the cooling system should be flushed with low sudsing dishwasher soap to remove any residual oil in the system. Broadcast Message 2083; SSM 15397.

2002 7.3 with Codes P0230, P0640, P0670, P1662, P1690:
These codes may be due to an electrical test perormed at the assembly plant, and may not be an actual malfunction. The codes should be cleared and no repair attempt made unless they return. SSM 15173

7.3 with Alternator codes P1105, P1106:
These may be false codes caused as result of jump starting the vehicle. Single alternator vehicles may even have codes for both upper and lower alternators. Disconnect the battery for 10-15 minutes to clear the codes, the retest. If the codes return, continue with normal diagnosis. SSM 15355

2002 F-Series/Excursion Instrument Cluster Problems:
The instrumnet cluster on these trucks may exhibit various indicator lamps staying on, 4X4 indicator not illuminating, or the radio staying on with the ignition off. This may be due to the instrument cluster (HEC) not being configured, or not configured correctly. The cluster will have to be checked to check the configuration. If all settings are correct, proceed with normal diagnosis. SSM 15374.

2002 F-Series Invalid APCM Display of 4100 RPM:
When this condition is present, the APCM (idle controller) may increase engine speed above the desired RPM. The maximum RPM is limited by the PCM (engine control computer) to 2500 RPM, so there is no danger of overspeed. To avoid this condition, refer to the APCM operating instructions, section 6.1.2 for installation of a potentiometer and custom remote RPM control feature. Broadcast Message 2221.

2000/01 E-Series Oscillating Air Flow Noise:
This made be caused by the EBP valve, usually at temperatures below 40 degrees fahrenheit. To reduce (not correct) the condition, reflash the computer with the latest available calibraton. Broadcast Message 1120

No High Idle on PTO Engagement:
Trucks built between 2-1-2001 and 5-13-2001, or truck that had the PCM replaced during this period, may not automatically go to high idle upon PTO engagement. This may be caused by the PCM. Check for voltage at pin 66 of the PCM with the PTO engaged. If no voltage is present, replace the PCM. PCM's with date codes 1B05X to 1E06X do not have the 1200 RPM high idle circuit in the PCM.

Reverse Engagement Stall:
Some trucks with the 4R100 transmission may stall upon shifting into reverse. This is usually caused by the torque converter clutch being engaged at idle. Engineering is investigating. Broadcast Message 1222.
If this condition occurs under cold temperatures only, it may be due to increased viscosity of the ATF. Ford is recommending changing the ATF to synthetic in this case. Broadcast Message 1435.

Delayed or no Second Gear:
2001 Trucks built between 7-27-00 and 3-23-01 with the 4R100 automatic may exhibit a delayed or no second gear. Trouble codes P0781, P0755 and P0756 may be present. This would be caused by a failed intermediate one-way clutch. The one-way clutch, intermediate brake drum and intermediate clutch plates will need to be replaced along with any associated parts.
TSB # 01-13-5
Notes: The condition of the fluid should be inspected to determine if repair or replacement of the transmission is necessary.
The serive manual incorrectly states the intermediate one way clutch should have clockwise free rotation. The intermediate OWC outer race must rotate counterclockwise when installed. Broadcast Message 1575.

99-2001 F-450/550 Valve Stem Recall:
Trucks built with steel cord sidewall 19.5 inch tires may have valve stems which were damaged when the tires were mounted to the rims at the factory. Owners should take their trucks to the dealer for inspection and, if necessary, valve stem replacement. Recall 01S05.

Emissions Recall 00E12--99 F250/350 California warm weather calibration:
Trucks with calibrations 9DTM-BF (catch code QWL*, GLI*) and 9DTA-BH (catch code NSU*, XWF*) need to have their computers reprogrammed due to an error in strategy which prevents the misfire monitor from executing. This service does not include any diagnosis of code which may already be present in the computer. Be advised that your vehicle may be reprogrammed under this recall if you bring your vehicle into the dealership for an unrelated service and it is found that the recall applies. This may result in a change in the driving characteristics of your truck and will necessitate removal and reburning of any chip which may be installed.

2001 F-Series/Excursion trouble code P0340/P0344; 2000/01 No-start:
Navistar engineering is investigating a root cause of these concern and is requesting that dealerships contact them with the VIN to assist in diagnosis. Broadcast Messages 0016 & 9904.

98-03 Econoline Cutaway Chassis no Turbine Speed Sensor Data:
These vehicles use a unique computer strategy that will not display TSS/ISS readings. No repair should be attempted unless a TSS/ISS code has been retrieved. Broadcast Message 0727

Improved Diagnostics Program, 99/00:
Ford has released an improved diagnostics program for their computers to service several symptoms, including: runs rough, misses, buck/jerk, hestate/stumble, surge, lack of power, various idle concerns, check engine light, ect. This program is included in the lastest calibration update and includes improved MAP and wastegate diagnostics. This may also correct an exhaust backpressure valve "surge". The new program DOES NOT include the revised # 8 injector for the cackle concern. SSM# 14184

Calibration Update for Early (Pre-December 98) 99 F-series and 98/99 E-Van:
The latest calibration release includes tear tag numbers BDT5, AWA5, DYK5, CLB5, ZDR5, FUT7, XLE7, HPA7, GLF7, JBG7, VCQ7, MLU7, and PTH7. Enhancements to diagnostics include: False codes P1249, P1670, P1668, P0381; Improved KOER and EBP for detection of EBP faults; Enable NGS to detect missfires on Federal emissinos vehicles; Fix scan tool display for volume and mass fuel desired; Improved diagnostics for P1248 turbo boost failure; Water in fuel and wait to start lamp diagnostics fixed; Glow plug monitor changed to prevent false codes on manual transmission vehicles; 4R100 trans surge on 2-3 shift resolved. SSM#13621/22

Redesigned WIX fuel filter for 94-97 PowerStrokes
Reciently WIX, whose PowerStroke fuel filters had looked identical to Ford's, changed the design of their fuel filters. Instead of the bevel-cut lid seal, they now use a square-cut one. In some cases this can cause the lid to leak. More troubling is their lower seal where the filter fits over the stand pipe. As on similar filters (Baldwin, Hastings) the lower seal is more of a grommet and frequently splits were it passes through the end plate of the filter, potentially allowing contaminates to pass unfiltered to the injectors. For these reasons I am no longer endorsing the use of WIX or WIX-type fuel filters in the PowerStroke. For more info, Click here.

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