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PowerStroke Horsepower and Torque Comparisons

PowerStroke vs. 7.3 IDI.

99 F-series vs. 98.5 E-van and earlier PowerStroke.

In 1997 the horsepower was increased to 225 and the torque was increased to 480 ft/lbs.
Early 99 valve cover stickers were incorrect showing 250 HP. The engine was actually rated at 235 HP with all accessories installed.
The engines did develop 250 HP and 505 ft/lbs torque for automatic transmission and 275 HP and 520 ft/lbs torque for manual transmission in October 2000.
Engines with automatic transmissions were increased to 525 ft/lbs torque after January 02.

Since the chassis and body design of the Econoline left no room for an intercooler, they do not have the horsepower increases of the F-Series trucks built in 1998 (99 model year). The vans were also not equiped with a wastegated turbo.

F650/750 equiped with the PowerStroke are rated at 210 HP and 520 ft/lbs torque and are limited to 2600 RPM.

6.0 PowerStroke Horsepower and Torque

6.0 PowerStroke SuperDuty/Excursion

6.0 PowerStroke Econoline

Lower horsepower and torque values on the Econoline are due to the smaller intercooler system.

F650/750's with the 6.0 PowerStroke are rated at 175 HP @ 2600 RPM with 460 ft/lbs torque @ 1400 RPM, 195 HP with 520 ft/lbs, or 215 HP with 540 ft/lbs.

6.4 PowerStroke Horsepower and Torque

Horsepower is 350 at 3000 RPM and torque is 650 ft/lbs at 2000 RPM.

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