6.4 PowerStroke Bulletins

Loose side marker lamps, 2008 dual rear wheel pickups:
Some trucks may have marker lamps that are loose on the fenders, or fall out. If the side marker lamp assembly must be replaced, discard the bulb that comes with the assembly and install bulb p/n C2AZ-13466-C. The lamp retaining bracket, F81Z-15A436-AA, should be replaced as well. Red marker lamp: F81Z-15442-BA; amber marker lamp: F81Z-15442-CA. Broadcast Message 0352.

Film on inside of headlight:
Some 2008 F-SuperDuty trucks may have headlights that appear foggy, smokey or seem to have a film on the inside of the lens. Replace affected parts with ones with a date stamp of 8-20-07 or later. Broadcast Message 0351.

6.4 EGR valve and particulate filter (DPF) failures due to high sulfur fuel:
The 6.4 PowerStroke is designed to run on ultral low sulfur diesel (ULSD) fuel, which has no more than 15 PPM sulfur content. Using high sulfur fuel (greater than 500 PPM sulfur) can cause corrosive damage to the EGR valve and DPF. Use of high sulfur diesel can cause emission system component malfunction and cause the check engine light to come on. Broadcast Message 0346.

2008 F-SuperDuty slow A/C cooling, dual temperature control:
Some trucks built before 6-28-08 with dual electronice temperature control may seem to cool too slowly. There is a calibration being developed to correct this concern. In the interem, switch the DATC from the AUTO mode and press the mode button until the panel vent icon is illuminated to divert all cooled air to the vents. If addition cooling is desired, select the recirculate button. Broadcast Message 0313.

Heater core noise:
Some 2008 F-SuperDuty trucks built prior to 6-18-07 may exhibit noise from the heater core. To verify the source of the noise, bring the engine up to full operating temperature. Raise the engine speed to 2500-2900 RPM. Use a hose pinch-off plier to crimp off the heater inlet hose. If the noise goes away, replace the heater hose: without auxiliary heater, 7C3Z-18472-L; with aux heater, 7C3Z-18472-K. TSB 07-22-2.

2008 trucks grabbing brakes, pedal kickback:
This may be caused by power steering fluid contamination in the hydroboost system. There is a procedure for installing a temporary filter between the power steering pump and cooler to clean the system. After the cleaning procedure is complete and no brake grabbing or excessive steering effort is felt, remove and discard the filter. If brake grabbing continues, replace the hydroboost unit. Filter P/N XC3Z-7B155-BA; TSB# 99-25-8, 7-11-10

6.4 PowerStoke flamming exhaust concerns, Safety Recall 07S49:
To prevent the occurance of excessive heat in the exhaust system or flame from the tailpipe on trucks built before 3-9-07, the is a new calibration that revises diesel particulate filter (DPF) regeneration.
This calibration update also addresses the following on trucks built before 3-9-07:
Diagnostic codes P132B, P0128, P0684, P0231, P2291, P2459, P0500, P0102;
Diesel Particulate Filter codes P242C, P242D, P2032, P2033--now cause check engine light to blink, reduce engine power and idle quality to alert the driver.
Driveablity improvements for performance during DPF regeneration, high RPM during clutch operation, buck/jerk/surge, throttle tip-in/tip-out feel for manual transmissions, A/C concerns with no diagnostic codes at cold ambient temperatures. Broadcast Message 7004.

Fuel injector replacement, Field Service Action 07T07:
Certain trucks built at the Kentucky Truck Plant between 4-3-07 and 5-21-07 have three injectors that may have had their polarity reversed. Applicable trucks will have injectors replaced on cylinders 1, 5 and 7.

Lack of power, fluid leakage from tailpipe, abnormal tailpipe sediment, white smoke, exhaust smell, check engine light on:
The above conditions may be accompanied by elevated engine idle, surging, engine knocking or the crankcase may be over full. Fluid frome the tailpipe may be coolant, fuel or oil.
If diagnostic codes P0087, P2291, P0263-P0284, P0300-P0308, or P1336 are retrieved, or if there is evidence of an internal fuel leak (fuel in the exhaust, over-full oil), the fuel supply to the injectors and the injectors should be checked for leakage. If the oil is not over-full the turbo bearings should be checked.
If the codes are P132B, P2262 or P2263, or there is evidence oil oil leaks or the oil level is low, turbo actuator operation and turbo bearings should be checked.
If there is evidence of coolant leakage from the exhaust or the coolant level is low, the EGR coolers should be tested.
Additional codes may include P244C or P244D for the DPF. Perform diagnosis on the above codes and engine noises as needed. Care should be taken when running the engine due to the likelyhood of piston hydro-lock/engine damage. TSB #07-8-9

Battery cable positioning Safety Recall 07S50:
On certain F-SuperDuty trucks the positive battery cable running to the starter may rub on the right splash shield bolt. Under this recall, the clearance between the bolt and cable will be checked, and the cable repositioned if needed.

Soft/low clutch pedal; Clutch pedal falls and/or stays on floor:
Some 2005-2008 F-SuperDuty trucks with manual transmission may exhibit a variety of clutch pedal concerns. Varify the slave cylinder heat shield at the transmission is in place. The heat shield should be fully installed onto the slave cylinder, with the front edge touching the bellhousing. Broadcast Message 0065.

EGR cooler inspection for coolant loss:
If a 6.4 PowerStroke has had an overheat condition, or if is exhibiting a loss of coolant with no visible external leaks, the EGR cooler should be tested. Remove the Exhaust Pressure sensor and tube from the EGR cat converter (EGR-OC) pipe. Pressure test the cooling system and inspect for coolant where the EP sensor tube was removed. A gross leak will appear immediately, but a monor leak may take up to 15 minutes to appear. If coolant is present, the EGR coolers need to be removed and bench tested. Additionally, if an overheat condition has occured, the oil filter should be removed and the filter standpipe inspected for signs of melting. Broadcast Message 0287.

Snow packing of air filter/air induction:
If snow obstructs the air induction/air filter on the 2008 F-SuperDuty, there is a winter grill cover available to correct this problem. The cover is a customer purchase item, and must be installed as per the included instructions. The cover should be removed in temperatures above 50 degrees for normal driving, or 32 degrees when towing. Symptoms include a lack of power under acceleration and resticted air filter lamp illumination. Part number 8C34-19A413-AA. Broadcast Message 0284, 7323.

Radiator coolant leak:
Some radiators have developed leaks at the end tanks due to poor tank crimping. Radiators with a build date of 8-6-07 and later have been inspected and certified. Radiators that were built prior to that should be inspected for incomplete crimping of the end tabs at the tanks, as well as cracks in the tank around the transmission cooler line fittings. Build date information is on a yellow or white sticker on the top radiator cross rail. Replacement radiators should be inspected from damage prior to installation. Broadcast Message 0246, 0107.

No EGR command/control due to other sensor faults:
If some sensor circuit codes are set, EGR valve functionality may cease, and EGR valve codes P0404, P042F or P1335 may be set. Correct any sensor circuit faults before addressing EGR valve issues. Sensor codes include P0193, Fuel Rail Pressure voltage high; P0643, sensor referrence voltage (VREF) low; P0643, sensor VREF high; P006B, intake (MAP)/exhaust (EP) pressure corrolation; P0107 MAP/BARO voltage low; P0472, EP voltage low; P0473, EP voltage high; P0101, mass air flow (MAF) signal performance. Broadcast Message 0217.

6.4 PowerStroke cold weather starting procedure/recommendations:
With the new high pressure fuel system, the 6.4 PowerStroke starts at much lower temperatures than previous engine modles. To ensure proper bearing lubrication in ambient temperures below -10 degress it is imperative that the engine block heater be used. It is recommended the block heater be powered three hours prior to starting. In addition, it is recommened that a light oil such as 0W-40 or 0W-30 beused. Ensure the API rating of the oil is CJ-4. SSM 19603. CI-4 Plus is permitted if CJ-4 is not available, but severe duty oil change intervals must be followed.

Fuel cooling pump noise:
The 6.4 PowerStroke has a seperate cooling system for the fuel supply system. A loud squealing from the pump mounted on the driver sid of the lower fan shroud can indicate air trapped in the system. Before replacing the pump or performing other repairs, inspect the hose joint attachments, inspect the system for leaks, pressure test the system pressure cap. Verify the system is completely filled and bled as per the service manual. Broadcast Message 7338, SSM 19815.

Belt noise on cold starts:
Some F-SuperDuty trucks may exhibit a chirp or squeal noise on cold start-ups. This concern is currently under investigation. Verify that the belt is not frayed and is tracking true, and there are no obvious pulley concerns. If no problems are found, do not attempt a repair at this time. Broadcast Message 7055, SSM 19707.

Diagnostic codes or Diesel Particulate Filter damage from aftermarket equipment:
Trucks that have EGR valve codes P0401 or P0402, or DPF codes P2002 or P244A, or have a damaged DPF or catalytic converter--may exhibit soot in tailpipe or white or black smoke; should be checked for aftermarket air induction systems (may cause MAF sensor and/or EGR valve concerns), exhaust systems that have eliminated the DPF and/or cat converter, and/or performance "chips". Problems caused by aftermarket products are not covered by Ford warranty. Broadcast Message 7341.

Soft or increased brake pedal travel:
2008 F-SuperDuty trucks that exhibit the above brake pedal concernes should be tested for both a master cylinder by-pass condition, and a brake vibration condition (as per pinpoint test F in the service manual) prior to any parts being replaced. Broadcast Message 7340.

Adding remote lock key fob transmitters or keypad:
2008 F-SuperDuty trucks that were not factory equipped with remote keyless entry (RKE) cannot have RKE enabled, or have key fobs or a keypad added, even if the smart junction box (SJB=fuse box/GEM assembly) is replaced. Additionaly, the vehicle security system available through Ford will not work on trucks that were not factory equipped with the RKE sysytem. Broadcast Message 7337.

Misfire, rough running, lack of power:
Engines built at the Huntsville plant, serial number 0425659 or lower, or at the Indianapolis plant, S/N 7004400 or lower, may exhibit the above symptoms, possibly intermittently, along with open injector circuit codes P0201-P0208. First, check the harness connector(s) at the affected bank(s) at the rocker box to see that they are fully seated. If the condition remains, the valve cover for the affected bank should be removed and the individual injector connections inspected. If no connector concerns/damage are found, continue with normal diagnosis. Broadcast Message 6968, 7336.

F-450 Pickup--steering wander on rough roads:
Some trucks may exhibit a wander feeling on rough or rutted roads. This condition may be worse with all terrain tires than with highway tread. Customers should be aware that the F-450 pickup is based on the cab and chassis model. Although ride characteristics should be better than the cab and chassis, they will still be more harsh than the F-350 dually. Verify the tires are inflated to the pressures on the tires specification placard. The symptom should be compared to a like vehicle under similar conditions/road surfaces. Inspect suspension fastener torque and alignment angles. It is recommended that at least 1000 miles are accumulated on the truck for steering gear break in before attempting to diagnose. Tire replacement is not recommended. Broadcast Message 7236.

Message center displaying "Wiring Fault On Trailer":
This may occur due to water intrusion/corrosion in the trailer connector socket or the connector behind the socket. If corrosion is present, replace the socket and harness and lube with silicone dielectric grease. If there are no signs of water, perform normal diagnosis. Broadcast Message 7052, 7108.

Adding TowCommand:
To add TowCommand to a 2008 F-SuperDuty that was not originally equipped with it from the factory, order kit 7C3Z-2140-H (for hydroboost applications), along with a trailer brake control (TBC) module and dash bin to install the TBC, and have the instrument cluster programmed for the TowCommand system. Broadcast Message 7107.

Lack of Power, Trucks with Steel Tanks:
Some trucks may have a lack of power due to low fuel pressure from a plugged fuel filter or in-tank pickup tube, or restricted fuel lines. This could be caused by the steel tank lining becoming de-laminated/flaking off. If this occurs, the tank will need to be replaced, along with the plugged components. Be aware that using biodiesel with more than 5% concentration (B5) may cause this to happen. The replacement tanks do have a more resistant coating to help prevent this occurance, however Ford still recommends using no higher than B5 biodiesel. Broadcast Message 6865, 7103.

Headlights inoperative on snow plow equipped trucks:
On 2008 F-SuperDuty trucks the smart junction (fuse) box--SJB; monitors circuits for excessive current loads to determine if a short circuit occurs. The SJB may interpret switching from factory headlights to plow frame lights as a short and will shut down the headlight power. The SJB can be reprogrammed to prevent this from occuring. Broadcast Message 6987, TSB 07-9-1.

Adding upfitter switches on 2008 SuperDuty:
If a truck is not equipped from the factory with upfitter switches, they can be added by ordering the wiring (7C3Z-14A303-A), switches (7C3Z-13D730-AA), and if it is not eqipped with the trailer brake controller, the utility box (8C3Z-2513546-BA). It may be necessary to remove the instrument cluster to install the wiring. Referrence bulletin Q-157 at www.fleet.ford.com/truckbbas for more information. Broadcast Message 7072.

08 F-Series Overheating with Snow Plow Installed:
If a snow plow is installed on a truck with the 6.4, it may disrupt the air flow through the front of the truck causing the cooling fan to stop or turn in reverse. For trucks with snow plows there is a revised fan clutch available (P/N 8C3Z-8A616-A). This clutch is present on truck with the factory snow plow package. TSB 07-8-4.

Cold Temperature Lack of Power, Poor Economy, Hard Start, Excessive White Smoke, or Coking (carboning) of Turbo, EGR System or EBP:
This could be due to gelling of the fuel, formation of ice in the fuel tanks or lines or poor fuel quality. If diagnosis finds no cause for the above symptoms, try using a fuel conditioner, such as Stanadyne Performance Formula or equivalent, such as Motorcraft PM-22-A or -B (cetane boost), or PM-23-A or -B (anti-gell/cetane boost), that will improve the cetane level and lower the gell point of the fuel. Do not use any product containing alcohol. If the conditions improve with the additive, then find another fuel source or continue to treat the fuel. Broadcast Message 1309, 1464, 5113, 6875; SSM #17406.

Diesel Particulate Filter regeneration characteristics:
Regeneration is the process by which soot is burned from the diesel particulate filter. DPF regeration frequency and duration is determined by drive cycle. Typically frequency is 100-600 miles between occurances and will last 10-40 minutes. Duration time is less if a constant speed over 30 MPH is maintained. Normal characteristics during regeneration include elevated idle of 1100-1200 in park/neutral that drops when the brake pedal is applied, increased white smoke in cold ambient temperatures, reduced engine response and power limited to 325 HP, change in engine, exhaust and induction sound, flutter on deceleration or shut-down, increased exhaust smell and temperatures, and lower economy. TSB #07-4-11.

Diagnostic tool unable to communicate with truck computer:
The Ford IDS scan tool may not be able to identify or communicate with the powertrain control module (PCM) if it is not updated to software version 47.4 P4 or later. Broadcast Message 6866.

Upfitter switch wire location:
The location of the upfitter switch wires has changed for the 2008 F-SuperDuty. The blunt-end wires and the relay panel are now located to the left of the steering column under the dash. The upfitter wires are near the stationary elevated idle input wires, so care must be taken not to confuse the two. Broadcast Message 6868.

Vehicle overspeed code:
Some trucks my have the diagnostic code P0297 stored in the computer memory. This codes sets when the vehicle is driven at the speed limiter--95 MPH for F250/350; 81 MPH for F450/550/450 pickup. Broadcast Message 6882.

Check engine light on, diagnostic code P2610:
This code for internal computer communications may be set during battery cable service or battery replacement. Disconnecting the batteries or computer will not clear this code. It can only be cleared by removing fuse 36 from the engine compartment fuse box for 30 seconds, then reinstalling it. Then clear pedning codes with a scan tool. Restart the engine and check for the code. If P2610 returns, continue with normal diagnosis. Broacast Message 6954.

Factory fuel filter marks:
Primary fuel filters in the frame mounted fuel pump are now marked with an "FF". This mark is present on filters installed at the factory on either the truck or a replacement fuel pump. This will identify filters that have not been replaced at the recommended intervals. Broadcast Message 6953.

Lack of power, rough running, diagnostic code P2291:
This may occur on new trucks, trucks that have had the fuel filter or fuel pump replaced, the high pressure fuel system repaired, or have been run out of fuel due to air in the fuel system. Thetruck should be driven for at least 5 miles with 10 wide open throttle accelerations from 0-45 MPH. If the conditions still exsist after performaing this procedure, the fuel system should be diagnosed. Broadcast Message 9608.

Check engine light on, diagnostic codes P0342 or P1336:
Trucks with engines built before serial number 7602535 at the Indianapolis plant or 0428327 at the Huntsville plant may have the above codes set with no driveability symptoms. If normal diagnostic steps show no problems, replace the camshaft position sensor (CMP) and retest. Part numer 8C3Z-12K073-A. Broadcast Message 6959.

Oil leak at rear of engine:
Engines built before serieal number 7008584 at Indianapolis or 0436024 at Huntsville may be missing the oil dipstick tube o-ring. This results in an oil leak that may appear as a rear main seal leak. Clean off residual oil and confirm the origin of the leak before repairing. Broadcast Message 6973.

6.0/6.4 Fuel Economy:
Ford vehicles equiped with the 6.4 PowerStroke diesel are not rated for fuel economy by the EPA. If economy is in question, a boost test should be performed. If boost reaches 22-25 PSI in third gear, wide open throttle under load, then th engine s operating normally and no economy related repairs need to be performed. If not in specs, then the engine will need to be diagnosed--check sensor reading, VGT and EGR operation, fuel pressure and quality, crankcase pressure, intake or exhaust restriction, exhaust or CAC leaks.
Fuel economy will be affected by many factors, including: excessive idle time (one hour equals approxmately 33 miles of driving), fuel quality and blend, ambient temperature, driving habits, vehicle use, towing, loads, add-on accessories. Broadcast Message 1271, 4450, 6989

Powerfold mirrors out of synchronization:
This may occur if one of the mirrors has been bumped out of position, then the powerfold switch is used. To re-synch the mirros, fold them both in towards the cab until an audible popping is heard. Then press the powerfold switch to re-deploy the mirrors. Folding one mirror completely in, then fully out by habd will not unsynch the mirrors. Broadcast Message 7051.

Exhaust leak in engine compartment:
Some trucks may have an exhaust odor inside or exhaust smoke may be visible around the front. This could be caused by a leak at the turbo outlet from a misaligned downpipe. Verification requires disconnecting the turbo oil supply tubes (replace the banjo sealing washers, W302474) and removing the turbo heat shield to inspect. If the leak is at the turbo outlet, the downpipe will need to be repositioned to seal correctly, with a new downpipe to turbo gasket (7C3Z-6L612-B) and v-band clamp (7C3Z-5A231-AC), and new nuts for the downpipe to catalytic converter flange (W711407-S900). If properly installed, the downpipe will be 11/16" +/- 1/8" from the frame rail. TSB 07-7-7

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