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6.9/7.3 IDI/7.3 Turbo IDI Parts

The following part numbers were valid at the time of their posting.
Some numbers may have been superceded or the item discontinued.
This is for referrence only, not a catalog.

7.3 Fuel filter orifice/check valve; 3/16"E8TZ-9K061-A
7.3 Fuel filter orifice/check valve; 1/4"E9TZ-9K061-A
7.3 Fuel filter orifice--1/4"--spring and check ballF2TZ-9K061-A
7.3 E-van fuel filter outlet fitting
for modifying 6.9 filter return
Use with E8TZ-9K061-A
Injector return cap O-ringsE6TZ-9229-AA
Injector return caps--Prefix determines barb size, suffix determines barb position
1/4" barb for 3/16" hoseE3TZ-9A564-A; two nipple
E6TZ-9A564-A; single nipple
 E6TZ-9A564-B; 90 degree
5/14" serrated barb for 1/4" hoseE9TZ-9A564-A; two nipple
E9TZ-9A564-B; 90 degree
F3TZ-9A564-A; single nipple, #7 IDI Turbo
F3TZ-9A564-B; three nipple, #'s 5&6 IDI Turbo
Filter return "tee"; early 6.9E3TZ-9N290-A
Return line hose clamps; 3/16"E7TZ-9B255-C
Return line hose clamps; 1/4"E9TZ-9B255-A
Or use aftermarket fuel injection hose clamps (NOT worm-gear)
Dipaco offers complete fuel return system kits including o-rings, caps, clamps and hose.
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Fuel line seals--filter to injection pumpE3TZ-9K260-A
Fuel line seals--fuel filter inlet; return line from injection pump (rear only on some applications)E3TZ-9C387-A
Injection pump inlet fitting o-ringE3TZ-9N693-A
Transfer pump cover lock-block/pressure tap o-ringE3TZ-9N693-B
Injection pump outlet check valve o-ringE8TZ-9E583-A
Engine temperature sender--magnetic gaugeF1SZ-10884-A
Engine overheat switch--lightF3TZ-10884-A
Cold start switch--fast idle solenoid and timing advanceE8TZ-9E939-A
Fast idle solenoidE5TZ-12B526-A
7.3 Restriced fuel filter sensor (vacuum switch)E8TZ-9S283-A
Fuel filter air bleed fitting and schrader1 1/2" long: E3TZ-9F597-A; 6.9, early 7.3
1/2" long: F2TZ-9F597-A; late 7.3
7.3 Fuel heater--mounts in filter headerF2TZ-9J294-A
7.3 Fuel heater o-ringE8TZ-9K342-A
7.3 Water seperator sedimate bowl and schraderE8TZ-9A353-A
7.3 Water seperator drain kitE8TZ-9J305-A
Water in fuel sensorE8TZ-9J308-A
Water in fuel sensor o-ringE8TZ-9B268-A
Glow plug controller, 83-86; screws into rear of blockF3TZ-9A444-C
Glow plug power relay, 83-86; mounts on RH fenderE3TF-12A343-C
After-glow relay, 83; mounted in front of RH battery on fenderE2TZ-9C972-A
Wait lamp latching relay, 83; under dash near diesel warning light module (contains wait, water in fuel, filter lamps)E3TZ-12B536-A
Glow plug intergrated controller/relay--87 and up; longer "wait" light timeF0TZ-12B533-A
Injection pump gear boltsNAPA P/N 331-10 (U-joint hardware kit)
Crankcase Depression Regulator-valley pan or valve cover grommetE3TZ-6A892-A
CDR tube and grommet assembly E8TZ-6A892-A
Turbo oil drain to valley grommetF3TZ-6853-A
Turbo oil drain to intake o-ringF3TZ6A892-C
Turbo to drain o-ringF3TZ-6N653-B
Turbo oil inlet adapter gasketF3TZ-6N652-B
Turbo oil supply tube seal1819772-C1
Turbo to intake adapter o-ringF3TZ-9E463-A
Turbo adapter to intake gasketF3TZ-9654-A
Turbo exhaust inlet gasketF3TZ-6N640-A
Engine RPM sensorE5TZ-17B384-A
Silicone sealer; gray, caulking gun cartridgeF5TZ-19G204-AB or Waker T-95
Flange sealer; 6.9 intake gasket, head side around coolant passages; 7.3 fuel system NPT fittingsLoctite 515 Gasket Eliminator
Rear main seal-saver sleeve sealantLoctite RC/620 or Permitex 3H Aviation Gasket Sealer Liquid
Flywheel-to-crankshaft bolt sealer; holes that pass through crank flangeTeflon pipe sealant/ Loctite PST
Silicone dielectric greaseUsed to lube injector return O-rings and caps to aid assembly
Fuel lubricity additiveF8AZ-9C077-AA or Stanadyne All Season Diesel Fuel Conditioner P/N 29409(pt)
Cooling system conditionerFord FW-15/-16 or Fleeguard DCA4
Cooling system test stripsFleetguard P/N CC2602
Cooling system sealer; use if cylinder wall deterioration (pin holes) are suspectedIrontite Ceramic Cooling System Sealer
CRC Copper Block Weld
KW Permanent Metallic Block Seal
or any "Liquid glass" type sealer

Front End Accessory Drive (FEAD) belt and tensioner application
"Serpentine" belt-equiped engines

Standard F-series and E-van with 130 amp alternator:

92 and 93 with "cassette" type tensioner; TORX-head retaining bolt
Belt--F5TZ-8620-CB; Tensioner--F2TZ-6B209-D
92-94 with "damped" type tensioner; 13mm-head retaining bolt
Belt--F4TZ-8620-T; Tensioner--F4TZ-6B209-A
92-94 with "shock" type tensioner
Belt--F4TZ-8620-T; Tesioner--F4TZ-6B209-C
All above should have belt guide F5TZ-8680-AA installed on vacuum pump.

92-94 Ambulance package and school bus with 130 amp alternator:
Should have Recall 96B83 update kit F5PZ-8A630-BA installed; "shock" type tensioner
Belt--F4TZ-8620-T; Tensioner--F4TZ-6B209-C
92-94 Ambulance package and school bus with 160 amp alternator:
Should have Recall 96B83 update kit F5TZ-8A630-AA installed; "shock" type tensioner
Belt--F4TZ-8620-L; Tensioner--F4TZ-6B209-C

All vehicles listed use flanged idler pulley F5TZ-8687-BA
The correct belt fits tight. To install it will be necessary to remove the outboard alternator bolts, loosen the inboard bolt and pivot the alternator to slip the the belt over the pulley while holding the tensioner against its stop. Install and tighten the alternator bolts before releasing the tensioner.

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