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Below I have some items from Ford which I have found usefull when working on their diesels, but the parts counter never seems to have.
IPR Valve Reseal Kit
Leaking or damaged Injection Pressure Regulator seals can cause poor idle, stalling and no-start problems. Replacing the IPR Valve may be unnecessary (and expensive!).

PowerStroke turbo pedestal O-ring kit
Seals the top of pedestal to turbo, or bottom to engine block.
(Two required if sealing between turbo and pedestal)

$11.00 per kit
Dipaco Injector Install Kits

Repair leaking injector return lines and caps.
DPE69120 fits 6.9 and 7.3 IDI diesels with 3/16" hose. Contains 8 injectors caps and copper nozzle washers, 16 o-rings, spring clamps and 6 feet of 3/16" rough surface fuel hose. Eliminates the "Tee" from fuel filter (goes to #1 injector) and end caps on early systems.


DEP73120 fits 89 and up 7.3 IDI diesels with 1/4" hose. Contains 8 injector caps and copper nozzle washers, 16 o-rings, spring clamps, and 6 feet of rough surface hose. $39.50

Minor Injector Install Kits:
Contain 16 injector o-rings, 8 copper washers and spring clamps. No caps or hose.

DPE69130: $12.00

DPE73130: $12.00

Injector Cap Detail/Kit Indentification

Large fuel line seals
3/8" inside diameter for fuel filter inlet.
6.9 also uses these on the injection pump outlet line; early models use two, late only one.

Small fuel line seals
5/16" inside diameter for the line from the filter to the injection pump.

Package of 2: $9.00
Injection pump inlet fitting O-ring
When replacing the injection pump, the inlet fitting must be transfered to the new pump. Air may leak into, or fuel out of, a damaged O-ring.
NOT included with replacment injection pumps.

Injection pump install kit
Includes two small seals, one large seal*,
and one inlet O-ring listed above,
an injection pump to cover o-ring
and three pump gear bolts
*1988 and older, large line seal fits on
injection pump return line. Additional
3/8" line seals (above) may be needed
for rear of pump return line and filter inlet.

$7.50 per kit
7.3 IDI Fuel Filter Return Orifice Fitting
AQllows excess fuel and any air bubbles to bleed off to the fuel return hoses. Contains flapper valve to prevent air from entering back into the filter when engine is off. Repairs stall after cold start from air entering fuel filter

E8TZ-9K061-A fits 1988-early 89, 3/16" hose: $26.00

E9TZ-9K061-A fits 1989-91, 1/4" hose: $24.00
7.3 IDI Fuel Filter Heater
Common problem: fuel leaking past the o-ring or up through the terminal. If fuel can leak out, air can leak in and cause hard starts or stalling after starts. The o-ring is no longer available separately, and since the heater has to come out anyway, you might as well replace the heater. Especially if it's leaking past the terminal.

7.3 IDI Fuel Heater: $125.00 each

99/2000 Upper Radiator Hose
This is the upper radiator hose that is supposed to route behind the serpentine belt instead of through it. If you have concerns of the belt damaging the hose, or want to be able to remove and install the belt without removing the hose, this is the one for you. Includes liner worm gear clamps and a plastic wire tie to secure it to the alternator bracket.

99/2000 Upper Radiator Hose: $25.00 each

Upper Intercooler Hose and Clamp Kits
Includes the hot hose at the charge air cooler manifold and all four hose clamps. The original clamps used we not spring loaded and would loosen from expansion and contraction of the hoses. When the clamps loosen on the upper hose, oil seeps through and results in the hose blowing off the CAC manifold. You can order the clamps alone to reduce the chance of oil seeping past the hose, or the kit if the hose blows off or leak repeatedly.
Hose kit: $65.00
Clamp set: $30.00
7.3 PowerStroke Outer Valve Cover Connector
Injector and glow plug connector that plugs into the outside of the valve cover gasket to repair melted connectors.

94-97 5-pin Connector: $30.00

99-03 9-pin Connector: $33.00
To order any of the above items, please E-mail me at:

Amsoil ordering information can be found on the Amsoil Products page.

All prices are US dollars and DO NOT include shipping and handling;
California residents add 7.25% sales tax.

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