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Motorcraft FA-1759 Severe Duty AIS.
New Air Intake System for 99-03 F-Series 7.3 PowerStroke.
Utilizes the same Donaldson PowerCore filter technology as found on the 6.0. Increased dirt capacity and air flow over standard panel filters. Includes all necessary hardware for installation.
Unmodified early 99's require the air cleaner to engine hose.
7.3 AIS Severe Duty Kit Brochure

99.5-03 $300.00

Early 99 $350.00
Motorcraft Oil Filters
The original oil filters designed for the 6.9/7.3 IDI or PowerStroke engines.

FL 784 6.9/7.3 Oil Filter: $12.50

FL 1995 PowerStroke Oil Filter: $15.00 each

Racor PF L2016 Oil Filter for 6.0
Cartridge oil filter for the 6.0 PowerStroke.
Incluces o-ring seal for housing cap.

$32.00 each

More Oil and Air Filters

Amsoil Filters

Racor Parfit Fuel Filters
Fuel filters for Ford/Navistar diesels from the company that manufactures the Motorcraft fuel filters. Pictured at top is PF F829B for the 7.3 IDI and IDI Turbo(pre-PowerStroke). The sedimate bowl is available separately, and includes a drain and a water-in-fuel sensor for light in the dash.
Below is PF F4595 which fits the 98 and earlier PowerStroke and PF 4596 for the 98.5 and up. Both are the same filters as Motorcraft's FD4595 and FD4596 without the red and white box.

7.3 IDI Spin-on element w/o bowl: PF F829B $36.00

Racor bowl for F826B: $70.00

Water-in-fuel light module: E8TZ-9S281-A $35.00

PowerStroke Fuel Filters
94.5-97: PF F4595 $27.00

99+: IN F4596 $29.00
Why you should use these Racor fuel filters in your PowerStroke
Racor PF F4604 Fuel Filter Set for 6.0
Includes both primary and engine mounted filter elements.

PF F4604 Fuel Filter Set: $48.00
Baldwin Fuel Filters for 6.9 IDI
BF 786 Spin-On Fuel Filter
Direct replacement for the factory engine-mounted 6.9 fuel filter.

Due to the increased cost of brass fittings, I have had to increase the price of my filter kits
Primary Fuel Filter/Water Separator
Universal water separator kit to replace the leaky factory firewall-mounted water separator on Ford pickups with the 6.9 IDI engine. May also be used on any diesel where additional filtration is needed or desired.

781 Water Separator Kit: $105.00

BF 781 Replacement Element: $30.00

External Transmission Filter Kit
These kits allow the installation of a Ford one quart spin-on by-pass filter onto the cooler return line or auxiliary cooler hose. This protects the transmission lube circuit from debris which may pass through the cooler. Kit includes filter mount, all necessary fittings and hose, and a Motorcraft FL 1A or equivalent* oil filter. Please indicate cooler line outside diameter when ordering.

Filter Kit for Cooler Hose Installation: $75.00

Filter Kit for Steel Line Installation (pictured): $95.00

Extra FL1A filter for kit: $3.50

*Kits for GM available with AC PF-2; Dodge Mopar L-55
You can subsitute a syntheic oil filter for an addtional $10.50.

See TSB #00-3-8 for more info.
Ford's external filter element.

Magnefine External ATF Filters
Magnetic cooler line filters. These are the same filters provided by Ford with their remanufactured transmissions as mentioned in TSB #00-3-8. The internal magnet traps iron particles passing through the cooler system. A by-pass valve opens if the filter becomes plugged. May be used as a replacement for the Ford-installed filter (replace at 30K miles). Available in 5/16", 3/8" and 1/2" line sizes. Ford replacements use 3/8". Steel line splice fitting available.

Magnefine Filter: $30.00

Line Fittings: $5.00
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California residents add 7.25% sales tax.

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